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Look at this and it cost me under $10 to make. $25 if you include the guitar stand

I call it an Audio Tension Fan. It works too, and pretty dam good. It's giving me more sought after weight in the treble, which I was in need of since I pulled all the insulation stuffing out of the Nola's.

Anyone can build this. It's a $5 pine plank and $3 in cedar shims from Home Depot stapled together. My next one I am going to use screws so I can adjust the tension of each fan blade...  :rofl:.

It appears I have a problem with image shack.

I see a new audio product start up company in your future. Maybe you can call it "Werdky Products"

But not pronounced "weird-ky", no, not at all.

It's got WAF written all over it ... actually I got to get rid of it before she gets home.... :rofl:

   Paint it green and it can double for a Christmas tree as well. :lol:
Kidding aside wonder how Shataki started out. A diffuser is a diffuser.
   Reflective mylar panels and diffusers pr any tweeter and properly positioned can tame any tweeter. Positioned on the flloor and ceiling directing the tweeter to diffusers at rear wall. Tricky to do however Eathan Weiner did just that for a customers room. Made his B&W 802 a different speaker. The B&W tweeter beamed at ya big time.
   Room acoustics will help however it appears the weight in the treble may need a component or speaker change. Or maybe just a cable. Stranded copper is my favorite wire for tweeters. Especially multiple fine stranded wire. You may consider fooling with jumpers if bi-wire. A bigger improvement will be had wiring the positive off the amp to the tweeter and negative to the bass, then jump accordingly. More weight, presence and detail.



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