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Great new product


I don't know how new these are, but I just found them and they are a lifesaver!

We all have come across CDs that are packaged in these new style cardboard jewel case substitutes. You know the ones where the disc tray is cemented to the cardboard outer liner with all the photos and liner notes printed on it. I realize that this packaging is more environmentally friendly as is replaces the plastic outsides of the standard jewel case with biodegradable cardboard. But the problem I always had with these cases is that it is very common for the fingers that hold the CD in place to break off. In a standard plastic jewel case this was not a huge problem. The case fully closed on all side so while the disc was not firmly held in place it did stay inside of the jewel case. And if it really bothered you that much, the plastic tray (or even the whole jewel case could easily be replaced and the artwork and liner note transferred to the new jewel case. With the cardboard case, broken fingers become a major problem. The case does not close per se, but simply folds shut. That means without the fingers to hold the disc in place the CDs simply fall out every time you pick up the case. The tray is permanently glued to the cardboard, so it cannot be replaced and if you move the disc to a replacement jewel cases the artwork and liner notes cannot be put in the new case because the are a different form factor that what is needed to fit inside a jewel case.

Well somebody has finally figured out how to address this problem. I was in MicroCenter and saw on the shelf a package of clear plastic CD mounting hubs with double stick tape attached to the back. (Link below) If you have one of those cardboard cases with broken fingers you simply need to break off whatever fingers are remaining to form a flat surface where the hub needs to be, peel the paper off back of the replacement hub  and press it into place. instant repair. No more discs falling out on the floor. They fit nicely, they hold the discs firmly and they are only $1.99 for a pack of 25. My only concern is how long the double stick tape will hold before the new hub starts falling out. But I figure if that happens I can always try to Crazy  Glue it to the tray.

Problem Solved. :thumb:

BTW - the hubs themselves are clear. The yellow coloring you see in the picture is the backing paper in the double sided tape.


thanks for info.

  I am so happy now Tom I could buy more LPs just kidding thanks.



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