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Interest in a G2G at my place on Saturday or Sunday, Nov. 22/23?

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Trying to gauge if anyone is interested in doing a G2G at my place on the 23rd or 24th?

I'm actually getting quite close on the darn website... so there's less reason to hide all this cool stuff from everyone anymore as a means of forcing me to finish the darn thing...

I'll try to keep the gear fairly constant and let folks switch back and forth on systems in different rooms rather than lug gear around.  But I know how we all are when we get going.  I'm sure there will be equipment swapping... heck I'm even going to talk about the swapping options in the next paragraph....

In the big room it will be the new Harbeth Super HL5 Plus model.  Primary DAC will be the PS Audio DirectStream, but there are others here to swap in and try.  Amplification will be AMR AM-777, Unison Research Unico 50, Unison Research Triode 25 with DAC, and my custom 6C33C tube amps.  Currently cabled with TelluriumQ Black Diamond cables and WyWires USB cable to DAC.  Not sure I can have my demo Wywires cables here and broken in on time for the date, but will try if folks are interested in swapping to see what it sounds like.  Subwoofers will hopefully be the REL Gibraltar G-2s if they get here in time.  Mine have been on backorder for a while now.  If not, I will have the Serie S and Serie T sub models here to use.

In the main living room with zero room treatments, I'll have the Harbeth Monitor 30.1s tethered to the Devialet 120 all in one box little wonder.  I'm purposely going to leave this system setup in the living room because I want folks to hear the Devialet with SAM processing engaged on the M30.1s in a less than ideal listening space...  it doesn't completely overcome a crappy room... but wow does it make the m30.1s sing like I didn't think possible... bass that literally shakes the walls and super duper cleaned up response that lets so much pitch, definition, and detail shine through.  I demoed this for a customer recently and his facial expressions were just priceless.  DAC, phono preamp, integrated amplifier, wireless streaming device, gorgeous remote, iOS & Android apps to control it from your phone or tablet, and all that technology inside. 

I'll put a couple headphone setups somewhere as well so that folks can listen to all the headphone goodies here if that is their preference.  But this get together will primarily be about 2 channel music setups.  I'll have another couple headphone listening parties right after Thanksgiving leading up to the holidays...  I'm going to try to time things though so I can have the Unison Research SH DAC/tube headphone amplifier prototype here at the same time so folks can see and touch that...  it's not far out from production, but not sure it will make it in time for this holiday shopping season...  I'm very excited about that one being the tube guy that I am :)

Weigh in if the dates would work for folks either via reply here, PM on here, or shoot me an email at sales at nightanddayaudio dot com if you would prefer to remain anonymous on the interwebs.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you again.  It's been too darn long!!


I would absolutely love to attend at G2G at your place. Unfortunately for me, I'm out of town that weekend or I would definitely be there.

As you know, my big interest is the Devialet and SAM.  But then, there's all your headphone goodies as well.  I'm loving my iFi Micro iDSD (thank you!) but that just has me now curious about the latest headphones as well.

I'd like to come, see some real live audiophiles in the flesh, and see what you've been up to.
Either day is OK, so far.

Meet is officially on... Starts at 1PM... runs until the last person heads home (or until the wife gives them the stink eye enough at midnight so that they get the hint ;) hahaha)

2 channel focus... i will have Gibraltar subs from REL here... will start break-in and see if I can have them dialed in before the meet....

lots of stuff hopefully arriving at the last minute to allow me to wire this all up together and let folks play with different stuff. 

Please PM me or email if you plan to attend so I can get a feel for headcount... nothing worse than running out of munchies because of a rush of people at the last minute throwing things off with my party supply purchases....  don't expect gourmet, but there will be some vittles to munch on....

Which day, 22nd, 23rd or 24th?  ;)

You might wanna PM the regulars, I don't think they are watching AN as closely as we do.


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