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Golf trip to Myrtle - need restaurant recommendations

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Hey guys, a small group of us (6) are heading down from NY to Myrtle the first week of May to play some golf. I need some decent restaurant recommendations for central Myrtle. We are staying at Myrtlewoods.

I guess the usual stuff
- steak
- American
- Seafood/Steak

Any help would be appreciated.


I recognize Myrtle is a state away, but thought, being closer than I am, you might have some experience there.

We are playing the Myrtlewood courses (of course, since we are staying there) to start on Thursday:
- Palmetto
- Pine Hills

Then  Friday we play
- Grand Dunes

Then finish up on Saturday with
- Man O'War
- Mooreland

Last year we played:
- The Wizard
- MB National (West)
- MB National (Kings North)
- The Witch

Only been to Myrtle a couple times, I can't remember the restaurants, nothing special.  We beach in NC just across the border from SC, but we just go to the local sandwich deli, pizza, ice cream joints and Bonefish Grill in N. Myrtle.

That Salada golf! You will be sore but satisfied when you get home!  Are you driving or flying?

My son is trying out for HS golf team this week. He is in a 4-way tie for the last 2 spots, and the final shootout is this afternoon.

Good luck to him! If he makes the team he will be getting some great coaching and will no doubt get much better. You are lucky to have weather allowing you to play already.

We are flying (Wed to Sun), driving takes too much effort and detracts from our drinking time.  :beer:

We did one day of 36 holes last year and it was a great day. Going for 2 days of 36 this year with a day of 18 in between (but it is a harder course). Some of us might just try and get in 18 on Wed afternoon when we arrive (we will see).

Sounds great Bob, you will have a great time. Weather will be 85ish.


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