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(For Immediate Release)

July 12, 2007 - Selma, OR - A new alliance has been formed between Black Sand Cable and Equi=Tech Corporation. Equi=Tech has asked Black Sand Cable to develop power cords for their balanced power systems. 

Also, Black Sand Cable is now the official Canadian distributor for Equi=Tech Corporation, the recognized leader in balanced power systems. 
Some history on Equi=Tech...
Equi=Tech Corporation is the pioneer of balanced AC power.  Started in Oregon in 1992 by its President, Martin Glasband, it has grown in stature and size gaining recognition and acceptance in many high profile engineering circles and high tech industries as the leader of the balanced power revolution.

The mission of Equi=Tech Corporation is to enhance the performance of sensitive electronics used throughout science, industry and the home and reduce worldwide fuel consumption by pioneering and promoting Equi=Tech's patented balanced power technology.

Gaining acceptance of this revolutionary technology in AC power has put the company to task on numerous fronts.  Perhaps the most significant of these was to ensure that balanced AC power achieved acceptance and recognition in the National Electrical Code.  Attaining this goal was crucial if the company was ever to realize fulfillment of its mission. In November of 1993, Mr. Glasband with a few of his associates in the electrical industry drafted a proposal to amend the National Electrical Code that outlined methods and standards for the use of balanced power.  Upon presentation to the technical committees, the proposal caused considerable excitement among the panel's experts. Electrical industry leaders hailed the proposal as a "simple and elegant" solution to the growing power quality concerns and electrical noise issues confronting many high-tech electronic industries.  The proposal overwhelmingly passed a vote of the committee and was adopted in the following edition of the National Electrical Code.

Equi=Tech remained largely an R&D company until 1994.  Then it entered the marketplace with some revolutionary electrical products.  Because of Martin Glasband's background in the electrical power and professional recording industries, the professional audio arena was selected as his proving grounds.  It wasn't long before Equi=Tech products received awards from many trade publications and associations in the audio, video and broadcasting industries.  Balanced power proved to be the answer to many tough technical noise issues that had plagued engineers for many decades.  Never before had engineers realized the superior level of performance from their equipment or quality in their finished products.  Indeed, Equi=Tech balanced power systems provided no small advantage, rather the improvement in signal quality in the electronics was astonishing.  Today, top studio designers rely on Equi=Tech to provide a stable, clean foundation for their clientís sophisticated equipment needs.  Today, the majority of music CDs and DVDs as well as movies and television programs are produced in studios that rely on balanced AC power from Equi=Tech.

Professional engineers in diverse technical and scientific fields across the country have also discovered the technology and electrical products Equi=Tech offers.  Including pharmaceutical manufacturing, telecommunications and national research laboratories, interest in balanced power has been growing all throughout modern industry.  The balanced power revolution is on.  Today, Equi=Tech's turn-key systems and engineered designs can be found running facilities such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Federal Aviation Agency's ASR-8 Air Traffic Control Centers. 

Equi=Tech along with Black Sand Cable has an eye towards the future, Equi=Tech pushes onward, marshaling its highly refined products, its superior application experience and its resources, opening new doors daily in an effort to accomplish its mission and to realize the vision of its founder and president, Martin Glasband.

Some history on Black Sand Cable...

Black Sand Cable is a leader in the field of after market power cords. Black Sand Cable started in Canada in 1995 and has grown in stature and size gaining recognition and acceptance with consumers and audiophiles as a whole. Originally started as a company that offered all things related to audio. Video cables, audio cables, speaker wire, DIY parts and just about everything else including power cords. Researching and creating the best performing power cords has always been their main passion. As a result, Black Sand Cable always sold more power cords than anything else and developed a loyal following along the way. Now power cords are all they sell.

They have invested heavily into producing professionally hand crafted power cords that deliver performance and are now considered by many as leaders in the field. Black Sand Cable uses highly sophisticated equipment to manufacture power cords. (Such as a wire demagnetizer, commercial grade bench tester, and a high current voltage line generator that has the ability to build up and store AC current and then disperse it over time).

The cords they carry have been through revisions over the years and what you see today is the culmination of all things learned over that time. The great performance from years past coupled with new technologies allows them to make superbly crafted power cords that offer outstanding performance.

The Silver Reference started out as version MK1 close to 6 years ago before Silver was even popular and now in 2007 itís on version MK5. That's only 4 revisions in 6 years. Black Sand Cable doesn't believe in upgrading unless they find something significant that takes the performance to a new level.
They spend a considerable amount of time doing real world bench testing and in various systems that are owned by long time customers who have agreed over the years to be their beta testers. They have over the years experimented with Silver, Brass, Gold, Carbon, Beryllium Copper, Rhodium Phosphor Bronze, increased and changed strand counts, tried various geometries, shielding, and outer jackets and as of today, they continue to push the envelope.

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Great news John! Way to go.

Looking forward to learning more about Equitech and balanced power. Last I heard on another forum it was dangerous and if you use it you must be crazy. That's what they told Copernicus. Teaching the high end audio world about the merits will be a worthy challenge to your talent. Seems like there is quite a market for it in home audio that is relatively unaware of balanced power.  Your equitech webpage looks good too!

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Congrats, John.  Glad to see things worked out the way you'd hoped.