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Recording engineer intern


I thought this was a unique and cool opportunity:

I wish I could do this.. For now I put it on the list of things I wish I had time to do...

Damn, that's just a couple blocks from my home.  I'd absolutely love to do that.  It's an awesome studio that often gets well known names coming through.

Spent time working in a studio back in my college days.  Had tons of fun, Although I did get into a number of arguements with the owner over the fact that his mic and mixing techniques did not result in an aurqal soundstage picutre that resmbled anything like what to would here in a live performance.  8)

Yes I was infected with this disease even back then.  :roll:

To bad this isn't closer to NYC.  :(

There was a story I read somewhere about a well known recording engineer famous in jazz circles. He also teaches at a local university.

He says, when he begins a semester the first thing he asks his students is what type of music they want to work with - R&B, rock, pop, rap, classical, jazz, etc. Every semester he gets nobody raising their hand for jazz.

He says based on this he expects to be working full time well into his 70's.


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