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August 3 @ richidoo's

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Please come to my G2G on Saturday, August 3rd!

Jazz and classical music listening will begin at 1PM. There will be no talking allowed until 3PM. After 3 the audiophile bullshitting may begin in earnest, so time your arrival according to your preferences. As always, bring some vinyl or files on flash that you would like to share. RCM available.

I might have the "Horn Free" boxes complete by then, but the speakers I am using now sound nice enough for partying.

New to my system since last year is the Samet i15 integrated amp, and the tuned up Clearaudio TT which is sounding very nice now.

I will need to borrow a CD spinner as mine croaked since last year.

OK, Who's in?!?!  :thumb:

Triode Pete:
Geez, Rich! I thought you were coming to my Syndrome/ Rave on August 3rd!  :rofl:


--- Quote from: Triode Pete on June 29, 2013, 05:41:17 PM ---Geez, Rich! I thought you were coming to my Syndrome/ Rave on August 3rd!  :rofl:

--- End quote ---

I know! I was bummed to see the conflict, I was imagining coming up there, as I always do. I sincerely hope I can make it sometime.

But being practical (I hate that,) I will have driven 3000 miles between now and then, and I'm not sure the old minivan or the old fart driver could do another 1200 miles inside a month!

The good thing is that part of that 3000 is seeing you in MD.  :thumb:  Can't wait!

   Looking forward to seeing you again in DC.


I'm in!
Seems like forever  :)!


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