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Quick listen at RichardS
« on: June 30, 2007, 12:07:28 PM »
RichardS invited me over for a quick listen today. I couldn't stay long with kids waiting in the car, but I stayed longer than I should have but still not long enough. (Bilbo Baggins?)

I had a great time and just want to say that Richard is a very serious audiophile and has a beautiful listening room and an awesome system. He was generous enough to indulge my Beethoven tendency with several great recordings that really showed off his system in language I could understand.

Richard has Selah speakers (the big line source ones), Tact electronics (amp and pre) and separate subs, Olive server. We listened to some Dick Hyman and had a great but too short visit. I like ribbon tweeters but this was a new experience. Midrange especially was very palpable and satisfying, that scrumptious, take a swim in it feeling. Rick Selah is a very talented designer!

Thanks for the sneak peak Richard. Looking fwd to hearing it again soon!