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realised my speakers are old

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my vmps large sub is the oldest piece in my system-
when i built them i had a yamaha rxv1 and the famous toshiba 3950(the original that started the mass hysteria-lol)with my vmps large -added a pair of diy rick craig designed 3.5 ways soon after-
changed amps,preamps and source's but not the speakers-

havent seen a reason,every time i add a new piece they show everything it has to offer-for me the sub and the mains flow like one and i love what they do together 8) been thinking about it being time to get a better cdp but never think about looking for speakers

My Guilt gets the best of me but i am an admitted 'speaker collector' and the definition of old does vary. If the power level is kept in check..some of my older speakers are mighty fun to listen to. Some are downright flukes of nature.."should not sound near as good as they do" types.

Notible old killers:

A bookshelf set of Magnavox circa 1962. They have a 10 inch and a cone tweeter. 60 to 15K and always so much fun to have playing. They used to do duty in the workshop but now reside in the 2nd bedroom. While vac-ing the house, I put on some vinyl on the old Kenwood 2550 Corian base TT and let them rip.

(that reminds me, anyone have a decent used cartridge they want to part with?)

Speakerlab model 4.


Radio shack minimus 25's..... (now workshop duty)

Rogers LS 3/5's ('77) In plant soffitt in dining room. Put a piano recording through them and it sounds like a piano in the room.

old can mean GOOD.

I seriously don't like the direction that many loudspeakers seem to be going these days...but ..I will leave it at that..out of kindness.

I have drivers that are from the 1960s, even earlier.  I crave anything Hi Efficiency and OLD.  

New drivers are simply too inefficient and lacking soul.

Not all the new drivers are bad.  Check out some of the 6moons coverage of late, focusing on high-efficiency, natural material cones.  I have the same speakers as Srajan and they are very efficient and wonderfully evocative.

There are good ones out there, but you do have to look.  I feel there is a small but significant renaissance brewing, akin to and not unrelated to the Triode Revolution.

There are some fine Hi efficiency new drivers such as Supravox, Phy-HP and some offerings from Fostex, but I simply feel that sometimes or most of the times, they have a very expensive entry point.

With older drivers, you might be shooting in the dark but the out right money lay out might be a lot less to actually make you want to pull the trigger.

Of course things like the Visaton fullrange drivers edge on the affordable, but my tastes for actual things that are fullrange tend to run into the expensive territory...I like those French drivers.  Now, I need more rooms and especially more money.  How many pairs of ears do I have...need to clone some money.

Oh well, nice fantasies! :cry:


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