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June 23 - richidoo's

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Hyper Econowaves
Audio Research VT100
Audio Research Ref1 preamp
Samet i60
Sonos / CDs
Clearaudio Concept TT / Vista pre

Please bring music, in any format.
Please bring $5 for chow.
Please BYOB and take it home. 
Please bring balanced purple wires. :drool: 
Please don't park on the grass.
Please PM for directions.
1pm til ....?

The econowaves are as good as they are gonna get before the SEOS12 horns arrive from China to design the final version. I'm still tinkerin' with them, but I don't wanna put off the G2G anymore. :D 


Please pencil me in as a tentative attendee.  I am at peace with my system but would certainly like to see the guys and you again.


I'm IN and will bring 'wires'  :thumb:!!!

I'll be Lynchburg Va that weekend.

How far are you?



--- Quote from: mfsoa on May 21, 2012, 06:46:21 PM ---How far are you?

--- End quote ---

Far out  8) 
150 miles, 3 hours. Of course, you're welcome, Mike.

Ken, I hope you can make it. We miss you!

Thanks Steve!

A little birdie told me that a pair of Hypex NCore amps will be here - not the tour pair.


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