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A last minute pre-Pitocin Econowave sneak peak for Shane. So he has something nice to think about when he cuts the cord.  :thumb: We wanna get one more look at him in his pre-parent state. One good look at that nice black hair.

Tomorrow, March 24, 2012, 3pm for just a couple hours. No food served. Anyone staying after 6pm gets pitocin drip.

The speakers are still in flux and will continue to get better in the future, so this is not the official Econowave G2G which will come in a month or so, after Carl's DACoff.

Time subject to change per Shane's schedule.

I'm in!  Looking forward to it!

Great! looks like I can make it for a short while. Let me know if the time changes.

Dang! I was hoping that I could sneak over, but the schedule isn't cooperating  :(.


That's OK Steve, they will be even better for the official unveiling in a few weeks.


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