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DAC-off at richidoos

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Mike Smith's Altmann Attraction DAC which has been touring the country to rave reviews will be featured and compared to other DACs and CD players on hand. All DACs welcome!

We are all very excited to hear this new technology and see what's all the hubub. Thanks to Mike for the gracious offer to extend the tour for the southern boys.

June 9, 5pm. Food served. BYOB&B (Battery and Beer ;) ). PM for directions.

I'll be there  :D !

Not to be missed !!! Its a good one....

( I really have to ship it...  :( )

Sorry wolfy  :cry:

Your regret to let it goes says a lot!  Of course, you're always welcome to drop in...  :)

I'll be there! :) Thanks for having this, Rich.
I'll bring the Scott Nixon USB Tube DAC and my laptop.
IF (note that's a big IF) Scott has another new DAC ready, I'll bring it with me as well.  Oh, and of course the Allttmmann... which is taking a brief pitstop between LW and me.. but I've been assured it will be here in time.

BTW, I hear Hantra won't be able to make it. :(  Sad because he's the one that intro'd me to one of the first SN DAC's about 4 or 5 years ago...  :shock: Scott's come a long way with his designs.



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