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sold sold sold... Thanks!!

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Hello to everyone at the new AudioNervosa site!  I'm pulling over my latest ad from the other place and putting it here.  I've still got a number of pieces that are looking for a new home.  Exceptional prices on some great gear.....  I need the showroom floor space.  So get them while they're hot :)

ALL SOLD!!!  Thanks!

More to come.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at sales @ or call (919)  632  -  2569.  Take care!!

Man, if I hadn't just purchased the Vandy 5A's I would be all over the Freemonts.  Does that price include the stands as well?

Must resist...



Yes, it includes the stands.  You can't buy the speakers without the stands.  They are sold as a package from the manufacturer.  

It may not be obvious from the photos, but the bottom of the stand that is facing up has the same color matched inserts in them as the sides of the speakers, etc.  It's a very nice look.

Honestly, I'm shocked these speakers haven't sold yet.  It's a great deal and where else can you buy these speakers for thousands below dealer cost including delivery to your door?? :)

I heard the Escalante's in Sound by Singer when I was in NYC... I asked how much and they quoted me retail... something in the 5-digit range... I said yeah, but you'll do better than that, right?  they said, "why would we? they're brand new and sound great!"

I had no response for that but if SBS is selling at retail or very close to it... this is a real deal.  Plus, they do sound good!

They had a very nice, natural sound to me in a mid-to-large-sized room.  I was surprised by the impact, detail and realism.  They were still new and sounded like they needed more break-in, though.... and the salesman said they'd only had them a day or so.

Anyway, great deal... Go get 'em.


Stop tempting me...

My wife would kill me.



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