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For anyone who is interested, I fond this great offer on Amazon for a 60 CD set of RCA Living Stereo CDs for only $125, including shipping.

I already have too many of the included CDs to make it worth it for me, but for anyone who is looking to build a classical library (Ken?) this is an amazing collection of music, all with top notch SQ (no I haven't heard all 60, but I have never heard something with bad SQ come out of the Living Stereo CD series). Many of the recordings are considered among the best ever done for that particular piece.

More details , including a list of the 60 CDs included, can be found here:

Nice find Tom! It's in my wish list.


--- Quote from: richidoo on June 25, 2011, 08:53:00 AM ---Nice find Tom! It's in my wish list.

--- End quote ---

Too bad I didn't trip over this before Father's day.  :duh

Yes, that would have worked well for me too, since I was born on Fathers Day, so maybe I could have convinced them I deserved a big present this year. Christmas is coming...

Price Drop!

Down to $107.41 @ Amazon with free shipping.


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