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I took my wife to see Amercian Idol runner up Chris Daughtry last night at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh. ~1000 $25 tix sold out in seconds, but I got some online for a slight premium  :shock:  My wife loves him, makes her think she is 25 again, so it was worth it, and she loved it.

We had the same exact standing spot as we did with MMW last month. This time we had ear plugs and there were no stools, and we were packed in like Long Island mussels. Sound was loud but exceptionally good. Almost audiophile quality during breaks when the volume was back to normal, if you can call Madonna "Like a Virgin" album audiophile!? During shows I had earplugs in so it may have been audiophile quality but I couldn't tell. Sound mixing was much better on this show that the MMW show.

The warm up bands were good. The 2nd, "Eve to Adam"  was much better than the first, "Cinder Road". But they were both entertaining. The first band Cinder Road was a true hard rock theatrical show boat. Bouncing hairy heads, screaming guitarists leaning back to back, guitar phallic gestures galore, lead singer stripping leather away gradually to reveal milk while bone thin torso with nary a trace of hair except the mop on top. The songs were young and a little silly, but their performance was full of heart, the vocals were excellent and the show was very entertaining, so 4 stars.

The second band Eve to Adam, was more sophisticated, with a moody prima donna lead singer. He also stripped during the show, revealing an athletic body that my wife very much enjoyed.  :-#   They were a harder, more focused, more intense show that had more impact. Again, musicians were excellent and songs were good. 5 stars for what they were, but still not my cup of tea. Tea? No tea, just beer. No Newcastle just bud. No bottles just cans. That's $3, NEXT!

My version of Chris Daughtry, Sergei Prokofiev is being played tonight at symphony where I can get nice Cab before the concert. haha I am such a snob! I bet that Eve to Adam singer listens to Prokofiev on the bus.  8) Maybe?...

At about 10:45 Daughtry came out, with same band as recorded on the new record. Same exact sound except you can feel it in your chest. No diminuation of the quality of playing on the album. These guys were hot. The musicianship and instrumental skill they all had was superb. These guys must be first call recording players from LA. They had the look, the equipment, the chops, the musical technique, showmanship, personality everything you need for a first rate rock band.  The tunes were from the record, and were a little too pop for the talent and style of the band, but they played it perfectly like the pros the are. They definitely rocked the tunes much harder than on the record, and the record has some nice moments. Hearing them in person was very cool. The drummer and bassist were exceptionally great, and the lead guitarist was fantastic too, although too low in the mix, maybe on purpose to not outshine the leader. He would have.

Daughtry himself started strong, but was nursing his voice all night so was not the superstar vocals that he did on the record.  He has a powerful and distinctive voice, which cuts through the background band easily and has grit and incredible tonal control and articulation, timing, interpretation. I think he will grow to be a significant artist once he gets out from under the Simon Cowell umbrella and can make some choices. Likely he will go away from pop and lose a lot of appeal, but his powerful and artistic voice might be better placed in more intense themed music. His sick voice forced him to invite the audience to sing a lot more than usual which was shitty. He couldn't hit the high notes he is famous for at the end of the gig, a feeling I know too well from playing lead trumpet on rare occasion. He made the most of it and did not get pissed like I do... haha

The highlight was Daughtry singing solo with acoustic guitar in the middle of the set. He sang Elton John's "Rocket Man" which was just awesome. It was like listening to a 50's jazz diva interpret a masterpiece with all the tonal and emotional nuances easily communicated to the audience. It was delicate and powerful at the same time. The guy is a real artsist, and I bet Cowell wishes he could find a few more of Chris Daughtry.  5 stars!

If you like hard rock with a pop twist and can get to see him in one of his small venue gigs this summer, it is definitely worth the internet scalped price to get in. You and your <40 wife will love it!

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