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Re: Carolina Audio Mailing list
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I think it's cool to have a meet for 2 reasons,
1- you want to fix a "problem" and want folks to bring some different stuff to try in your system.. see if any of it addresses the issues.  (basically, broaden your pool for trial and error testing)
2- Motivation to get something done.  e.g. I'd like to have my system in 'x' state before I get a bunch of people over to listen to it.  Or, I want to get 'x' project done so I can have a meet to listen and discuss.

You set the tone of your own meet.  Are you open to criticism as well as support?  If you can handle it, let people know you want their honest opinion... ask them for specifics, not just 'it sounds good'... or ask what they notice standing out... that sort of thing.  If your system has lost its direction, these comments are very valuable to bring it back.

I like the analysis.  Getting objective feedback is great.  But if that's not enough, you also develop a group of friends whose ears you know and come to rely on for the 'acid test'.  Even if your tastes vary, you learn how to understand their reaction to see if your tweak matches their reaction.

I enjoy the social aspect of our gatherings now more than the analysis while I was trying to figure it out.  It's nice to have a social side in addition to a scientific one.. otherwise we'd all go nuts.  I think the NY gang does a great job balancing this and I believe we do as well, we just have less members.

edit... So far Lately Rich and I are the only hosts I know of.. My meetings will be more about music as time goes on... because that's what I'm into these days.  Your meeting may vary. ;)

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I really enjoy listening to music.

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Re: Carolina Audio Mailing list
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We've had great meets at mdconnelly's and hometheaterdoc's. There are a few more just on the verge too.. bigfish, stereofool, RichardS... :thumb:

When I am trying to tune my system or make choices I often imagine Shane or Carl listening to it, and that gives me a brutally honest opinion of what needs to change. Like byebye Feastrex.... But when the real Shane does come over, it is often difficult for my egocentric immature side to accept his honesty. Over the years I have learned that he is usually right, so any critique coming from him holds water. That doesn't make it easy to take. Carl is just as honest, maybe even less sensitive to my ego, so the advice may sting at first but it usually turns out to be right, even if it takes a couple years to accomplish. Receiving advice is particularly difficult for a DIYer, but even more essential because there is nobody else to blame, every "designer" needs feedback. We are all system designers and artists. I feel that Shane's critiques and advice as well as his ability to help us upgrade has been a factor in the success of all of our NC AudioNervosa systems.

Every system sounds different, and none of them are perfect. None match the sound in the mastering engineers head. So we get used to our own system, then when we visit another, our comments will always be relative to what we are used to. That must be a factor in weighing the value of various advice. That's what Carl means by trusting someone's ears - how close are those ears to knowing what's accurate. How much experience do they have with various equipment, which gives them a feel for what's actually possible with your gear, in your room. It's easy to say 'no that doesn't sound exactly like a symphony orchestra.' But it is much harder to know when your 6" 2 way is as good as it can be.  But any advice you get has value, everyone's perspective is valid even though we all like a different presentation. Observing your system through someone else's perspective is an exercise in spiritual mastery. Your system will sound different to you when others are listening to it with you, especially if you accept their perspective as your own. You are listening to what they are hearing using your ESP. It is related to "crowd mentality" where everyone thinks the same thoughts at the same time. Read "The 100th Monkey."  There is more to this whole thing than just woofers and tweeters.... ;) 

The biggest benefit for meeting and sharing a hobby with friends is personal growth. Having real friends to share the struggles and accomplishments is so vital to the success of our hobby.  'philes that do meet regularly know the value of it and will never miss a date. Unfortunately those who don't meet with others don't know how much they are missing so it feels like herding cats to start up a new joint.


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Re: Carolina Audio Mailing list
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I have only a second but then have to run and there is so much in the last three posts that I'll re-read before posting again, but I have to mention that even though Shane won't remember me at all (we never met) but when I lived out in Cali, I did order my Butler amp from him a few years ago.