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I managed to make it out to the meet Saturday after breakfast a little after 10. There was a ton of gear set up and although there were not as many non-vendors as last year, there was no shortage of awesome things to listen to. Pierre Sprey was a character I wish I had had a good chance to talk to, I immediately noticed that he had a few really great headphones, and some rare vintage pairs that I have had few opportunities to hear in the past. He seemed to have great taste in headphones.

There were many many rigs with the flagship dynamics in attendance, fairly good show of what headphones are still in production. I was finally able to hear the RSA A-10 electrostatic amplifier which I had been anticipating.

Joe Grado is always very willing to talk about headphones and recording, he is a real character. His first headphones, the HP series is still in my mind probably the best to come out of the Grado line-up, the PS-1 in close second. His piano track was very interesting to hear, the notes created the image of your ears being over the piano as if you were playing yourself. It sounded very good. Its hard to believe how truly innovative he has been in the world of audio with his headphones, phono cartridges, and recording equipment.

Overall, it was a really great meet and good to see Rich and Steve again. Sometime soon after the winter holidays, I'll have my plans for my main rig hopefully in completion and we'll have to see about maybe getting a little g2g for trying out some gear with various things.