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What a great idea for a forum!

   So what's your favorite show?

   Mine would probably be the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra at the Chicago Auditorium.  The sound was a major part of why I liked it so much...barly amplified at all.

   so what's yours?


eric the red:
gonefishin is here :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

That's a very challenging question to answer.  I don't know that I could pick one favorite, but I have my "best shows I've ever been to".

Smashing Pumpkins in a small auditorium with 2200 people.  That was just absolutely incredible.  I'd do it again every night if I could.

3/1/03 Phish - Greensboro Coliseum.  I don't even know what I can possibly say about this except GO DOWNLOAD IT from their site.  

Tony Rice w/ Vassar Clements - These two had a synergy on stage that was just electric.

Chip Taylor / Carrie Rodriguez - Evening Muse, Charlotte.  If you ever get the chance to see an acoustic show at this place, GO.  It sounds absolutely incredible.  The place only holds 100-150 and talk about chemistry on stage, these two have it in spades.

Megadeth in a gymnasium in Charlotte.  Megadeth put on one hell of a show, and the atmosphere of a small gymnasium full of angry youth was electric.

Pixies 2004 at the Fox in ATL.  I think I'd like ANY show at this venue, but the Pixies really lit it up even though they had been apart for a decade or more.

Funny as it may seem, a Greensboro Symphony show in 11/01.  It was a September 11th fundraiser and the emotion was so intense at that one.  They did Adagio for Strings, and that's the point when I said "if I can't get at least part of this emotion from my system, I don't WANT a system".

Steve Kimock Band - 11/13/2004 - Just go to and get this in FLAC.  It's like $12 for the entire thing so if you hate it, you're out less than a CD you bought that you hate.  ;-)

Wow.  It took me an hour to name my top eight shows.  LOL  I cannot pick a favorite.  But if I could ONLY go to one of those again, it would be the Smashing Pumpkins show.  So I guess I do have a favorite after all.  LOL

Ditto... Ditto ... Great forum idea.

I just watched the movie "High Fidelity" again over the weekend, so here is my all-time top 3 live shows.

3. Living Colour, Cabaret Metro, 1988. This was a band that was born to play live. My Gods they rocked.

2. King Crimson, University of Chicago, 1982. A mind blower. The band was new (Adrian Belew and Tony Levin had just joined Fripp and Bill Bruford), the material was revolutionary (bands like Tool openly acknowledge this as a major influence) , and the sound was perfect.

1. Frank Zappa, Auditorium Theater, 1988. Zappa's last touring band. I saw both shows, one was the first "official"  8) date with my wife. The first night Sting was in the audience and came onstage to sing "Murder By Numbers" to the tune of "Stolen Moments". An amazing band that self-destructed mid-tour. Listen to "The Best Band You Never Heard" and "Broadway The Hard Way" to get an idea.

Damn I'm old  :roll: .

Top three in no particular order:

John Watson Blues Band featuring Big Time Sarah
B.L.U.E.S. N Halsted St, Chicago IL July 1989

Peter Gabriel
Philadelphia Spectrum, 1986

Carmen McCrae
The Blue Note, NYC 1991


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