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Rob S.:
yes...   What location are you thinking?

Rob S.

Hey, maybe we could combine golfing and biking and have some kind of polo match down the fairway....

How did I miss this thread?  :duh  haha.
I would be MUCH more interested in a biking epic where we ride for hours.  I'd even like playing disc golf..  but I can play ball golf.. just depends on what everyone does.  I will still bike, regardless of whatever else I do. ;) 

Combining sports can be interesting, even dicey!  Polo with golf balls on bikes sounds like it has potential... just needs 1 thing to make it perfect... hmm... beer!  Just add beer and you have the makings of a sport that even ESPN will want to cover. ;) ha.

If a Golf tourney comes to NC, I'll play in it.  I may only do 9 holes, though.. especially if it's in the summer.

If anyone wants to do off-road bike riding, I can organize that, just say when.



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