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Moving from 7.1 to 5.1

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Well, after having a pair of $1,k speakers do absolutely nothing for a few months, it's time to change from 7.1 to 5.1 in the HT.   ;)

I didn't really look into it.. and a few folks told me that 7.1 wasn't worth it... but I didn't listen... or more accurately, I didn't fully understand what they meant.

Out of the hundreds of DVD's I've found, maybe 1% has 7.1, of that 1% there are maybe 2 titles I'd want to own.  Of those 2 titles, they were probably put into 7.1 after the fact.. purely as a DVD marketing gimmick.. which is what I'm learning 7.1 is. sigh.

I can put my system into 7.1 and it does make more sound come from the rear, but it doesn't really add anything to the movie experience.. it's kind of like turning up the rears in 5.1.  It does spread it out more, though.

In any case, I tried it, it's there.. and the wiring is done if I ever want to go back to it. ;)

Anyone else have the same experience?  Or did you did you go to 8+ channels instead? ha.

You're right.  There's very little native 7.1 out there.  Most processors extrapolate the 7.1 from the 5.1 native channels. 

7.1 can work very well if implemented right.  Rear surrounds are monopole, side surrounds directly to your side and dipoles.  This allows a better rear 'image', smoother panning front to back, etc.


I think I have it setup exactly as you've described.. but I know it needs more tweaking.. I guess I'm just not a videophile. ;)  Plus, most movies I watch aren't even in 5.1.. :(

Bob in St. Louis:
I had 7.1 for a while but was never happy with it. I've since gone to 5.1.
Much better.

Before you sell off your speakers Carl, if you'd rather watch some movies that are 7.1, check out > THIS SITE <. It has filters so you can weed out all movies except 7.1, or all movies that aren't DTS, or whatever. You'd be surprised how many movies are 7.1

Hope that helps,

Wow, what a great resource, Bob!  Thanks for the link.  :thumb:  It's good for all sorts of searching, very cool. 

I have decided on the 5.1 conversion, though.. out of those DVD's, I would only like a couple... so it's just not worth it to me.  So, speakers will either be in a 2nd system or for sale.. not sure yet.



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