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Goooo Jets!!!!!

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Deton Nation:
Hopefully Sanchez is on point and they Actually have some kind of running game. And plz dont run Jones up the middle. I know it, you know it, they know it.

The ol 2 runs and a pass routine. big game for Jets tonight. Miami is winless so far and will be playing like the playoffs. The jets coming off a loss will be gunning for the win. hopefully they will NOT get to psyched up too much they they did last week and just made some dumb mistakes.
   Well the Stella is on ice dressed in green and white and ready for some football. ENJOY the game.


Deton Nation:
Id like to say Go Jets! but maybe in smaller type this time. hehe..

Sorry, it was more like, "Woe, oh no!" Jets.  :duh

Looking forward to the Pats-Jets rematch later in the year, should be fun.

Deton Nation:
ugh... Sanchez is blowing hard. What happened? They looked pretty good, Jones doing an amazing job.. then again a loss. Now they are back to the Jets I remember.
Still my favorite team..


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