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G2G August 2nd at Carl's

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I'm going to do some cable swapping, specifically IC's and I thought others might be interested in hearing what the differences are.
I'll be using:
Audience Au24
JPS Labs
Reality Special IC's
Audio Tekne

Also, I want to show what the Axis USB cable does compared to a regular one.

Lastly, I will do some power cord swaps, specifically Black Sand Audio, Kaplan Kords, and JPS Labs.  I can swap cords easily on the preamp but also the DAC and amp without too much trouble.

If someone wants to bring a power conditioner, I can swap that in and out to hear the differences also.

I do not have any 20amp IEC type cords... If it's possible to get one or 2 this week, I'd be happy to show them off.

PM for address/phone info if you need it.. I'd like to know how many will be here so reply here if you can make it.  I think I'll just order pizza this time unless everyone wants to bring stuff again.  I'm open to anything.  The G2G starts at 3:00 PM.


I'm IN  :)!

Cool!  It's always a pleasure, Steve. :)

BTW.. I forgot to mention I'll have Audience PowerChords also...
and I have another USB cable.. it's optical and requires power.. Basically 'Hantra' left me a big bag of goodies to play with.. Hope he and Bobby can make it too.


I can make it.   Looking forward to it, and thanks for the invite.

I am distinctly anti-wire right now, so this will pull me back to the dark side.

I'm in I think.... should be able to stop by for a while.

My place is slowwwwwwly getting to the point of hosting an event as well.  Soffit bass traps are up and first coat of chocolate paint went on yesterday.  It should all be finished by this Friday.... hopefully including the grills to go over the front of the soffits...

more and more gear arriving, too.... should have everything I'm getting in the next few weeks hopefully...  still need a few furniture pieces though...

panels.... well.... I'll get there eventually....

garage is almost done... I can't believe it's taken nearly 5 months to be able to say that...


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