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The new basement is officially opening in June.  There have been sneak-peaks and previews.. but now, this is IT.. the Grand Opening! 

This meeting is basically to introduce the space; explain what was done, then play music.  I'll have a Turntable, CD player, and audio PC.  I was thinking we could have 1 serious comparison, specifically DAC's.  If we have time, we can compare 2 phono pre's. 

I can also play some live band DVD's and we can check out the projector and surround sound also.  We can even play video games.  I want it to be about fun and having a good time.. and to share ideas about building a room.

When: Saturday, June 27th 4:00 PM till 11:00 PM
Where: Carl's place, 1 mile south of Southpoint Mall in Durham.  (PM for address, phone)
What to bring: Music, drinks, snacks or desserts  (I'll furnish main course, and fresh popcorn)
Who: Anyone is welcome, please RSVP by the 23rd so I know how much to cook.  If you are a vegetarian, let me know.

Hope everyone can make it... Really looking forward to having a good time with you all!


I'm IN!!!

I'll figure out what to bring as we get closer.

Cool!  It's a way's off.. but I'm excited.  Lonewolf provided some extra 'flair' that I've got to add to my first post.. Enjoy. ;)


Got beer ? :rofl:

How far away is the airport Carl ?

Last time you "photo shopped" me...but this might be different. :rofl:

Long way off hooey!  That's less than 4 weeks!

I can't believe it's finally happening. Congrats! 


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