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--- Quote from: Scott F. on October 14, 2009, 02:05:51 PM ---Hey Hammer, welcome!

....look at that, I just switched from a Newbie to Seeking Help. Guess 20 posts was the cut over  :D

--- End quote ---

I'm looking for info on the "member group" which apparently isn't something we're allowed to change on our own....  I'm showing up as "seeking help" as well, but I'm a hardware manufacturer......

After a long search, I found your post which seems to indicate that's a status which changes with the number of posts.   Hmmmmmm.....

-Tommy O
Digital Amp Co

Bob in St. Louis:
Yes. It's basically a meaningless description of the level of post whoring one has accomplished.


The only way you can change it, would be to post more.


Bob in St. Louis:
"Bump" for two years of no activity.  :(

  So Boys whats up.since 2014 ??



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