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Thanks for joining and welcome, fellas! :)

I'll be glad to create a forum area specifically for GAS if you'd like.  Have fun!


Although I see AC will continue, I hope all of you stay here. I joined AC near the beginning and have seen it evolve as well as your AC circle. This continues to be a no nonsense site that I hope remains.

Your group has much to offer.


--- Quote from: Scott F. on March 14, 2009, 12:20:32 PM --- :lmc: woo hoo, new icons to use  :D/

--- End quote ---

I knew the Stooges icon would come in handy someday. :)

Scott F.:
Hiya Guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

AC continues to spin. I assume it will eventually settle in time though there are still tons of threads about the changes taking place. All completely understandable of course. Like you guys, I joined early on (3/3/03) following everybody over from HD (I lurked there often). The seemingly endless turmoil is what is getting to me. After almost seven years, people have come to rely on that site. To GAS and others, AudioCircle has become integrated and essential to our collective identity(s). Damned shame...

Anyway, enough of Payton Place.

I've actually lurked hear almost daily since you guys started so I'm really not a stranger. Heck, I know most everybody from the other sites. Glad to be aboard (finally).  :D

Oh, and I see Marbles got some input on the smileys  :yay2:   :rofl:

Hey guys, saw the thread and thought I would jump in the water. BTW, if AC does pull the plug, my cell is 314-651-9396 for the March 28 confab...



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