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Re: diy subs? (and other speakers...)
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...How about we get a speaker that goes down to 20HZ or at a minimum 28HZ instead. The piano goes to 28HZ. If an organ fan [ pipe organ before the jokes] well then 18HZ. Rethm anybody for the non DIY crowd.

even if you have a speaker that goes to 20hz, subs will help smooth out the room response.  even if you hi-pass the mains.  that's because you can locate the subs w/o having to worry about compromising the mains' location.

doug s.

  Good point Doug. Just complicated and more expensive for me, well until the bucket sub. I run one sub behind me out of phase. With all the fine tuning available with the rear  sub the room is filled with good sounding bass.


I would argue a couple $100 bucket subs like these would open up more main speaker options, possibly leading to less overall expense than an all in one speaker that is "flat down to 20Hz".

"complexity", "footprint", "WAF"... I could understand those as arguments for not wanting to go down that path. From an expense standpoint, I wouldn't immediately make the assumption that more pieces = more $$ from an overall perspective.
agree whole-heartedly about the expense thing.  for <$600, you could have four subs and a stereo amp to drive them.  even with "normal" commercial subs, i believe it's always more cost-effective to get "state of the art" sound with subs and mains that are not full-range.  truly quality mains that are truly full range do not usually come with a reasonable price tag.


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