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General DIY / Re: A different approach to audio cables.
« Last post by BobM on Today at 08:38:55 AM »
Rhodium takes a lot of break in and has a sound kind of like a loudness button - extended top and tight extended bottom which produces a slightly recessed middle.Great if your system is overly warm and needs a little brightening up and more slam.
Analog Devices / Re: Bending a cantileveer
« Last post by S Clark on Today at 06:00:52 AM »
Peter L at Soundsmith had done the ruby cantilever and stylus on the Blackbird that I recently broke.  I had used it for a couple of years, and it played well, but to be honest, the cantilever was not completely straight out of the suspension.   On the Dyna 20x2L I picked up, I got the cantilever somewhat straight, but not good enough.  Several years back I picked up a Denon 102 mono that had a stylus and cantilever mounted offset at about 2 o'clock.  On that one, I twisted the cantilever back to close to straight, which seemed to work for mono.   All three are sent off on a quantity deal. 
General DIY / Re: DIY project pictures
« Last post by HAL on Today at 04:29:12 AM »
Anyone that gets to MD, more than happy to demo the speakers. 
Bipolar System Disorders / Evolution...
« Last post by Guy 13 on Today at 03:40:06 AM »
Hi all (Again).
The little 45 reccord player on top of the stereo was for playing 45 rpm LPs.
Notice that the tone arm is on the wrong side,
that's because the negative of the picture was printed the wrog side.

Guy 13
Bipolar System Disorders / Evolution...
« Last post by Guy 13 on Today at 03:37:39 AM »
Hi all.
In a previous post I mentionned that my father bought a strereo system (Two ieces)
well I found a picture of it.
The picture was taken in my borther and I bedroom.

Guy 13

Audiologists / Re: Room measurements and small systems
« Last post by HAL on Today at 02:14:32 AM »
Here is what the RPi4B and TRRS to RCA audio cable are for the system.

No LCD monitor installed at this point, so just using a HDMI display and USB keyboard.

The Dayton Audio UMM-6 calibrated USB mic is working with REW Beta21 and about to test the RPi4B DAC as the signal generator.

Psycho-Acoustics / Re: Building a Room for a Particular Speaker
« Last post by HAL on Today at 02:03:45 AM »
Just a solid wood door.  It is in the basement and not a noisy area to start.

Biggest thing was the hard fiberglass (like OC703 ducts.  No air noise from HVAC. 

None of my measurement mics are quiet enough to measure the background noise level in the room with the door closed. 
Psycho-Acoustics / Re: Building a Room for a Particular Speaker
« Last post by P.I. on August 23, 2019, 10:56:34 PM »
F Alton Everest has a very good book on building rooms for audio.  Room construction helps as well.

Ended up with a 10'hx16'wx25.2'd room with basically STC83 walls and 6" slab floor.  Dead quiet and easy to hear details.   :D
Rich, what did you do for doors?
Analog Devices / Re: Bending a cantileveer
« Last post by toobluvr on August 23, 2019, 10:24:24 PM »
I've had several SoundSmith re-tips, been satisfied with them all.

Always curious about the work of the other two.  I read positive comments on both, but no personal experience.

BTW, I owned the 20x2L and loved it.  Got an xx2 and sold the 20x2L to a local buddy and I think it sounds even better in his rig than in mine.  I think it's a really good well rounded cart that does just about everything well and little wrong.
Analog Devices / Re: Bending a cantileveer
« Last post by S Clark on August 23, 2019, 06:46:30 PM »
It's already in the hands of a pro.  I've decided to use one of the services other than Soundsmith.  If it works out, I'll post a review.

I'm guessing either Andy Kim (Needle Clinic) on the west coast or Steve Leung at VAS in NJ.      :-k
Well, like I said, when it comes back and I'm pleased, I'll post something.  If I not pleased, I'll keep my mouth shut except in PM.  But it's an experienced repair service.  Except for my attempt at repair.  That was my second attempt, first one successful, second not so much. 
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