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Title: Dave's IC's
Post by: rollo on April 29, 2013, 08:20:43 AM
  Received two one meter pairs to check out. Put them on the Audio Karma Pro break in device and now have about 10 hours of actual play time.
    Well Dave so far so good. I will reserve final comment until I have 100 hours on them.
   No ill effects yet.. No extra sibilance with vocals a great start. Not thin or heavy so far however still changing a bit.
    So far nothing bad. A very good start.

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on April 29, 2013, 10:17:54 AM
Glad to hear it  :-P

I think the strength of these cables is in what they don't do compared to other cables I have tried. There's a lack of unfavorable effects like sibilance or harshness, they aren't bright, warm or emphasize one frequency range. They are neutral, clear and allow detail to be heard that you might not get with other cables due to them covering up the detail with other "grunge".

Although I have other versions in the works that use higher end connectors and ground wires, they will be much more expensive and not as good of a value for the money as the ones you have now, which are currently at $140 as a special intro price.

I did get a little website up (it is a work in progress  :?) at

Thanks for checking them out Charles.  :thumb:
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on April 29, 2013, 06:28:14 PM
Here's some details for those who are interested in cables...

RCA plugs are Furutech FP-126(G). They feature an OCC copper center pin, copper alloy (brass) body and teflon insulation. Normally I would try to avoid brass altogether, but Furutech has found a way to make it sound good, their highest end RCA plugs actually use a brass filament center pin (pictured below) which I plan on using in a higher end version of this cable, the other difference being Neotech OCC copper ground wires instead of silver plated teflon mil-spec.

Signal wire is Neotech's cotton covered hook up wire, which uses many, many fine strands of enamel coated OCC copper braided around a flat polyester film core. The concept is a derivative of a litz-wire, the very thin wires eliminate skin effect.

The IC cable is assembled using Johnson ia423 tri-eutectic solder (silver, copper and tin), cardas paste flux, and skivved teflon tape. The tape is cut from a solid billet of teflon and costs over $100 for a roll, it is wrapped around the tip of the Neotech signal wire to keep it from fraying and is also capable of taking the heat from soldering with no problem.

I am also making speaker cable using the same Neotech wire as the ICs, but in 20 gauge. It is for low powered systems or for use as a mid/high frequency cable in a bi-wire, multi-amp or active system.

I hesitate to gush too much about my own product, but when I made the first set of ICs I was amazed at how good they sounded. While I don't have a lot of high end ICs to compare, I have built A LOT of ICs over the years. My best IC is made of cable bought from Jupiter Condenser, which is an 8-strand litz-braided helix, cotton core, cotton insulation, 6N copper and uses Eichmann plugs. The cable I'm selling is significantly better which took me by complete surprise. I was NOT planning on marketing this cable, but I feel the results are worth sharing.

My goal is for this cable to be the best value on the market bar none, I think it will compare favorably with any cable regardless of price. Cables have always been a shady area in high end audio, all too frequently very expensive cables use $2 switchcraft plugs and have a grand total of under $20 in parts at full retail. My cables's Furutech plugs retail for $57...

Here's some pics:


( (

( (

( (

High End Ftech plug w the filament pin:

( (


( (

Bananas and Spades... also Furutech.

( (

Neotech 20g hook up wire. The film core is marked with a red sharpie for visibility.

( (
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on May 07, 2013, 07:26:45 PM
I made another cable... Duelund silver foil signal wire, Neotech OCC copper ground wires, Furutech FP-101 RCA plugs. This cable cost 10x more in parts vs the cable pictured above...  aa

Still burning in, but yeah... it's ok  8)

( (

( (
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: sleepyguy24 on May 08, 2013, 07:30:26 AM
Wow pretty sweet looking cables.

I have some questions and sorry if they seem stupid.

Are these ICs better suited between source (CDP,DAC, Phono preamp) to preamp or preamp to amp?

How much break-in do they require?

Are the Furutech FP-126(G) RCA plugs really thick in diameter vs Switchcraft RCA plugs?

The reason I ask is that I'm finding with older gear and these thicker barrel RCA plugs when everything is plugged in the space between the RCA is TIGHT. Sometimes I see the RCAs touch each other and I get paranoid and put a spacer in between. I've experienced this with RCAs from Outlaw Audio, IXOS, and various Monster cables.

With the braided cables are they very rigid?

Thanks and best of luck on this venture.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on May 08, 2013, 09:22:52 PM

The ICs will work great in any position, shouldn't matter if it's source > preamp or pre > amp.

Break-in is pretty minimal for the Neotech EC-UPOCC cables, I'm still breaking in the Duelund cable, it seems like it could use more break-in time vs the Neotech cable.

The Furutech plugs aren't that big, about 1/2" diameter.

The Neotech cable isn't very rigid, the Dueleund is more rigid as it uses solid core wires, but still not difficult to handle. All of them would rather bend in one direction, perpendicular to the flat side of the wire since both cables are made with flat wire.

So far the Duelund wire sounds really nice, honestly it isn't as neutral as the Neotech wire but has more harmonic "richness". I also built a cable exactly the same as the Duelund cable but with the Neotech signal wire, it's really amazing and will sell for around $300 while the Duelund cable will have to go for around $500.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on May 14, 2013, 07:44:51 PM
Any updates Charles? :)

I have one!... I am looking at having Neotech make me custom wire... 14g EC-UPOCC copper with cotton blend insulation, same as the wire I'm currently using, just bigger! 

Right now, they only make the EC-UPOCC wire up to 20g. It makes amazing speaker cables but 20g is only suitable for lower powered systems. I'd have to make a cable with 4 runs of wire to get it down to 14g. Also, if I had 14g wire I could make a speaker cable with double runs of wire that would be 11g equivalent, the same gauge would take 8 runs of 20g, which is more than a little impractical.

I'd be the only one with this wire in the entire world, which is pretty cool...  8)  I am hoping I can keep the price of a set of speaker cables made with this wire under $500, and if it's as good as the 20g wire I'd put them up against any speaker cable out there regardless of price.

I also feel my new $299 cable with the FP-101 RCAs and OCC copper ground wires could stand up to comparison with any IC regardless of price.

I'm really trying to make expensive cables completely obsolete here.  :D
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 07, 2013, 10:05:01 AM
Just a FYI, I'm running a few auctions on ebay right now with prices starting a bit lower. One especially good deal is the IC cable made from Duelund 1.0 Silver/Silk signal wire, Neotech UPOCC copper ground wire and Furutech FP-101 RCAs starting at only $399, which is less than the retail cost of the parts used to make it... You can hit "see other items" for a full list of the auctions I am running.

I am especially happy to hear my basic IC cable ($140, but there's an auction starting at $115) compares favorably with a highly regarded IC that retails for $1k, the ASI Liveline...


cables came today - thanks so much. They are in place of my ASI Liveline ICs now and are sounding great.

I'll keep you up to date on my impressions,"

-N (
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: rollo on June 17, 2013, 08:39:13 AM
  Now with 200 hours on them them they best the Gronenbergs in my system. Very neutral, dynamic and open.
  My only cravat is the size of the sound stage. However that just could have been something else new in the system that was also breaking in.
    I have been breaking in all the gear for the CAF in July. Now that all is broken in [ Deulund caps another 100 hours to fully blossom ] I can fully evaluate them.
    However tonality, harmonic structure and no added color is very addictive. Dynamics are explosive. Good job Dave.

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 17, 2013, 09:37:42 AM
Thanks Charles!

If you like those cables, the higher end version with Furutech FP-101 RCA plugs and Neotech UPOCC copper/teflon ground wire is even better... by a significant, easily audible margin. There is more detail and a lively, energetic presentation... and a bit more energy in the upper mid to high frequencies. So it can come across as brighter in comparison, but in my system I really like it a lot. Those with bright tweeters might find them to be too much, IDK.

But the cables you tested are no slouch in comparison, they are 90% as good for less than half the price and in some ways are more neutral than the $299 cable. And they are certainly a better value for the money, the more expensive cable has hit the point of diminishing returns on investment, but for those who want the best regardless of cost the extra money is going to be worth it. And $299 isn't too expensive for an IC compared to the cost of high end cables in general. Mine just don't have a 10x markup.  :)

Also, I am very excited to say I have ordered custom 14 gauge Neotech EC-UPOCC cotton covered wire to make speaker cables out of. The 20 gauge cables are amazing and with the 14g cable I can offer that level of performance to folks with higher powered systems, I also plan on offering a doubled run (11g equivalent) for those with VERY high powered amplifiers as well.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: mdfoy on June 25, 2013, 11:32:03 AM
I had purchased a standard IC (Dave I) and was really taken by them.  I like the SQ of the OCC wire and already having an example in my system was intrigued by Dave's.  After some time on the Dave I,  I found the SQ exceeded another OCC cable that I had in place. I sent Dave a ping for another IC and Dave was nice enough the offer audition of the Dave II.

Dave I
The signature of the cable is clarity and image focus.  It is like the fuzz is removed from the edges.  On first listen I thought he bass was diminished, but it was in reality just tighter.  This became even more so after some time on the cables.  They just got cleaner and tighter.  Voice is presently nicely and pace an tone are right on.  Cassandra Wilson, James Taylor, Sade,  the tone and warmth of the mids and treble are very good and clear as a bell.  A caveat is I have monitor speakers that go pretty low for monitors, but they are monitors.  All of the bass is there, an example is Cassandra Wilson, Loverly, The Very Thought of you. If you don't have any Cassandra Wilson in your collection, you are really missing out.  Piano is done very well, no stridency or muddiness. Keith Jarrett, Kohln Concert is a beautiful thing. 

Dave II
Everything the Dave I does, the Dave II does better.  This is not night and day, but clearly better in every way.  The noise floor is lower and has even more clarity, liveliness, tone, note decay... Everything is just better. On Cassandra Wilson. Loverly, Dust My Broom, the lead in drum and transition to the bass, the guitar! Off the chain!. Another example, James Taylor, Nearness of You, Don't Let Me be Lonely Tonight. The warmth and tone of his voice is right on.

I really like the Dave I, but the Dave II is in another league.  Benz and AMG, both good, but....

I thank Dave for the opportunity to audition the Dave II IC, which I have purchased.  I definitely want give a listen to the higher power speaker cables when available.  The cost to performance ratio of his offerings is way off the scale.

My system
Amp             Odyssey Khartago mono's ++
Pre              Response Audio Bella-Max(Purity One prototype)
DAC             NorthStar M192
Transport    NorthStar M192
Speaker      Salk HT1   
Phono         Heed Quasar
TT               Thorens TD-125 MKII
IC                Source to pre - Soundstring
IC                Pre to amp - Dave II - replacing Dave I
IC                Phono to pre - Clarity Cable - Harvest
SP               Coz bi-wire
Cassandra Wilson, Loverly
Michael Brecker, Nearness of You
Sade, Lovers Rock
Keith Jarrett, Kohln Concert
Tord Guvstavsen, The Ground
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 27, 2013, 07:34:00 AM
Thanks for posting your review, well done!  :thumb:
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: topround on June 28, 2013, 06:10:07 AM
I am getting some Daves cables and will post my impression.
From what I have been reading and speaking to other audiophiles that use the Neotec wire, it may be great.

Lots of people really love this wire for lots of uses.

I heard some Wireworld cables that were probably one of the best cables I ever heard but they are very very expensive, are they worth it? actually yes if you can afford them because they can transform your system, but do they HAVE to cost that much?

With the cable industry using a 10X formula I think not, but factor in advertising, marketing , dealer markup and it gets expensive fast, lot's of hands involved looking for cash.

Dave is a DIY guy with no overhead, perhaps these cables can come close for much less money, which means more access to great cables for more people. :thumb:

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: richidoo on June 28, 2013, 08:51:10 AM
I am looking forward to reading your impressions Mike. Have fun! Will you be comparing to Paul's?
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: topround on June 28, 2013, 07:32:19 PM
No,going to compare it to nothing. Just see if they work in my system.
I have heard some amazing cables lately but big money . I have heard great things from others about the neotec cables!
Perhaps they can come close to some of the stuff I like for much less money. Honestly why a wire costs more than a component is a sin.
A sin we audiophiles allowed. Now our insecurity must pay the price
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 28, 2013, 10:56:44 PM
Hi Mike,

Yes, that's the plan... I want to offer a line of cables that are a significantly better value for the money than anyone else.

The Neotech EC-UPOCC copper wire is the key, even the Duelund 1.0 wire at $30/ft isn't as good IF your criteria is the most neutral cable possible. Subjective preferences may favor the Duelund, but for me it's a toss up.

I was checking out that wireworld cable and it uses UPOCC silver, so it's very likely it's a Neotech product or built from Neotech wire. I haven't mentioned this but...  I am going to offer a UPOCC silver IC cable for under $1k. The wire used will be another OEM product produced by Neotech for me.

And as far as "transform your system"... I would have thought that was surely an overstatement before I built these cables.  :)
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: mfsoa on June 29, 2013, 05:12:38 AM
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: sleepyguy24 on June 29, 2013, 06:37:45 AM
+1 on the XLR request.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: topround on June 29, 2013, 08:49:13 AM
A friend build cables with the Neotec silver wire, I have not heard it  yet but claims it will compete with anything out there.
I was wondering why you did not offer a silver cable, being a neotec dealer you have direct access to this wire.
Glad to hear you will be making this :thumb:

A friend builds power cords, he claims the strain he puts on the braid affects the sound and can be adjusted to suit a system.
I find this very interesting and will be looking into this.

So much good news about cables lately :thumb:

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 29, 2013, 09:37:49 AM
I do currently offer a silver IC cable, the DD, which uses Duelund 1.0 signal wire.

The silver wire I am ordering will be better than anything Neotech currently offers... it doesn't exist yet so it's impossible to know for sure, but I'm betting it will be the best silver wire in the world. I think it will surpass the Duelund wire, and it will be less expensive as well.

The Neotech EC-UPOCC copper wire is, so far, the best wire I have ever used and it costs 1/10th the price of silver wire. IMO, this Neotech wire is just as good if not better than any silver wire currently out there. As far as my goal to offer people the best value for the money, making cables based on this wire is the best solution. When you compare the D2 vs the DD cable you will see :)

As far as XLR cables, I have had many requests and I will be offering an XLR option in the near future. It will use a run of the EC-UPOCC wire for the + and - legs, and 2 runs of the 18g teflon ground wire, either mil spec or UPOCC copper. The wires will be run in a 4 wire litz braid.

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on June 30, 2013, 04:11:48 PM
I wanted to make a comment regarding Charles' impression of the soundstage of the D1 interconnects he has.

I have found the Neotech EC-UPOCC copper cables to be the most accurate wire I have ever tried and not just by a little bit. This results in the images being smaller and more focused, with more separation or "air" between them, and less fuzziness in the area between the sonic images.

Other wires can give the impression of a slightly larger soundstage, but it is at the expense of accuracy.

I'd also like to point out that the D2 and DD interconnects do not use UPOCC pins on the RCA plugs even though Furutech makes the same locking connectors with UPOCC pins. The D2 and DD use spring/filament type pins, which while made of brass, offer 95% of the sonic "purity" of UPOCC metal, but with a more lively presentation. 75% of the sonic differences between the D1 and D2 are a result of the connectors, the other 25% is a result of using UPOCC copper ground wires. For those who diy cables, the Furutech FP-101 connectors are really amazing... at $160/set they aren't cheap but they compare favorably to Neotech's top of the line RCAs that go for $300-400 per set.

Here is a quote by Dagogo reviewer Doug Schroeder in his review of Wireworld cables, which also use UPOCC conductors. He explains the character of UPOCC cables quite well imo.

"Over the years, I am coming to categorize cables as either “Intensifiers” or “Pacifiers”. By that I mean the tendency of a certain brand of cable to emphasize detail, dynamics, and the boundaries of the sound space, or in the opposite not emphasize these in favor of what my ear hears as tonal coloration. Some cables I have reviewed which intensify are MIT Cable Technologies, Harmonic Technology, and Wireworld. Some which pacify are Jena Labs, Magnan Cables, and Tara Labs. There are trade offs with every cable; the audiophile needs to discover what they will trade off in the context of his own system. I have made the decision that I will trade off some warmth for detail. My method allows me to achieve warmth through the components, but I cannot capture enough detail to suit me using cables that too severely round down details. While I consider the “pacifier” cables above to have comparatively less intensity in general, I consider them very constructive toward building an otherwise highly pleasurable system. I did so, and I could do so again. However, my present preference is toward cables which reveal detail to a higher degree.

Delineating a bit more on the difference between two “intensifiers”, a distinction can be made between MIT and Wireworld, both of which I have used extensively. I have described MIT products as having an ability to magnify the signal, to make the music seem more powerful. This is not surprising, as the cables are designed with networked boxes to effectuate Power Factor Correction (PFC). So, let us liken MIT products to a copying machine which expands the image by 10%. To my ear, MIT trades a touch of purity for a lot of intensity in terms of the scale of the music.

Conversely, Wireworld tends to work the opposite, condensing the image by the hypothetical 10%, so that while it sounds perceptually “smaller” than MIT, it’s images and contrasts are more sharply defined. Wireworld is more absolutely clean than MIT and not as muscular sounding. Its soundstage is smaller and a bit more recessed. It makes voices and instruments sound proportionately correct to my ear almost always, whether listening to a studio solo or a band’s live concert.

So, which has the better sound? That depends on one’s perspective, whether you want a bigger, broader sonic panorama, or a tighter, sharper picture. When I want big and bodacious I go for MIT but when I want tight, ultra-clean and focused sound I reach for Wireworld." (

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 01, 2013, 05:23:13 PM
If you don't have any Cassandra Wilson in your collection, you are really missing out. 

Thanks for the recommendation!  :thumb:

I downloaded "Another Country" in HDTracks 24/92. Late last night I was intending to sample a track or two, but ended up letting the album play from start to finish.

The sound quality of this hi rez album is awesome, definitely a go-to for music that shows off your system. I will get more of her music for sure.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: topround on July 01, 2013, 05:39:02 PM
The wireworld cable I heard had a HUGE soundstage AND tremendous focus, along with amazing tone and balance.
They may be using materials that are readily available but they learned a trick or two somewhere along the line.
I heard latest generation 7 platinum.
I am going to order one of their power cords to try.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: tmazz on July 01, 2013, 06:30:50 PM
A sin we audiophiles allowed.

Actually, a sin we audiophile encouraged.  :roll:
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 01, 2013, 07:29:10 PM
Hi Mike, don't get me wrong... I'm not saying having the best of both worlds isn't possible, but it takes some experimentation which is why I made the comments about the FP-101 RCA plugs I'm using with the D2 and DD IC cables. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why a connector with a brass center pin outperforms a connector with a UPOCC center pin on my cables... but it does. Using Doug Schroeder's lingo, the FP-101 serves to magnify and intensify the signal and throws a larger soundstage. It does this without compromising on focus and clarity. Combining the FP-101 with the Neotech EC-UPOCC wire, which has the kind of character Doug describes in the Wireworld cables, makes for a cable that throws a big soundstage, has a lively and energetic presentation, but maintains clarity and focus as well.

The D1 is a great cable for the price, but the D2 really is in another league. While the D2 costs more than 2x the D1, they both represent similar value for the money, and if you're cabling a system that uses very high performing components the D2 is probably a better value despite it's much higher price. The few folks who have auditioned both cables ended up with the D2. The D2 was intended to be a "no compromise" cable, and I believe I have achieved that objective.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 08, 2013, 06:27:33 PM
I am ready to offer a cable tour, I posted a thread on AC and would like to offer it to AN members that are not on AC as well.

Would 1 meter long cables work for everyone?

I have 4 ICs I am offering now:

D1: Furutech FP-126 RCAs, Neotech EC-UPOCC copper signal wire, mil spec silver plated copper/teflon ground wires

D2: Furutech FP-101 RCAs, Neotech EC-UPOCC copper signal wire, Neotech UPOCC copper/teflon ground wires

D3: Furutech FP-101 RCAs, Neotech UPOCC SILVER signal wire, Neotech UPOCC copper/teflon ground wires

DD: Furutech FP-101 RCAs, Duelund 1.0 silver signal wire, Neotech UPOCC copper/teflon ground wires

The D3 isn't on my website ( yet, it uses individually insulated Neotech UPOCC silver signal wires in a braided geometry to form an approximate 21 gauge wire. 

Please post here if you are interested in joining the tour.  :thumb:
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: Nick B on July 08, 2013, 09:38:29 PM
Hi Dave,
I'd be interested. Am in So Utah close to Vegas.
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: sleepyguy24 on July 09, 2013, 06:06:26 AM
Hi Dave

Please put my name down for the Dave's IC tour. I can test/review source (analog or digital) to preamp specific ICs easily. Preamp to amp it would be harder for me to test/review. I'm on the east coast specifically NY zip code 11803.

Just let me know if I can join and I'll PM you my information.

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: StereoNut on July 09, 2013, 07:12:22 AM
Hi Dave

Please count me in too.  I can be part of the NYC/Long Island "leg" of the tour.  For starters, I believe SG24 lives pretty close to me...???

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: bpape on July 09, 2013, 08:20:36 AM
Have some folks here in St. Louis that would be interested.  Can we pass it around here in town when it gets here if we keep it short or we're last?

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 09, 2013, 09:37:19 AM
Thanks for the interest!

Bryan, Sure, I would be happy to have your friends try them out as well.

I will see how many sign up, if enough people are interested I may do 2 simultaneous tours so it doesn't take so long... 
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: bpape on July 09, 2013, 10:28:47 AM
Do you have pricing on your speaker cables yet?  Have a cousin who is in love with my HT Pro 9's but can't afford them. This might be a good thing for him.... 

Any thoughts on using 4 runs of the 14 to get a net 11 ga speaker cable?

Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 09, 2013, 02:06:41 PM
Do you have pricing on your speaker cables yet?  Have a cousin who is in love with my HT Pro 9's but can't afford them. This might be a good thing for him.... 

Any thoughts on using 4 runs of the 14 to get a net 11 ga speaker cable?


Yes, I do plan on offering a 11 gauge speaker cable by doubling up on the 14 gauge wire... but it's not going to be cheap... The 20g EC-UPOCC wire is $2.55/ft and a 14g wire has 4x the amount of copper and will be about 4x the price.

So, a 14g 10' speaker cable will have about $400 in wire and $184 in connectors using Furutech UPOCC spades. An 11g speaker cable will use about $800 in wire and $184 in connectors. Initially, I plan on offering the cables for the price of parts, so it will be a good value relative to what's currently in the market, but it still won't be inexpensive.

I think the 14 gauge cable will be suitable for amps up to ~200 wpc, after that it might be a good idea to consider going with 11 gauge...

The construction of the EC-UPOCC wire is great for speaker cables, the individual strands of copper are 44 gauge, individually insulated and braided like litz wire. Plus, the wire is flat which allows the + and - legs to be run together to minimize inductance.

I should have the 14 gauge wire here in about two weeks, I'm thinking of doing a separate tour for the speaker cable...   :)'

Also, it is looking like I will need to do 2 tours since there is a lot of interest, which is great!
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: Carlman on July 13, 2013, 10:06:17 PM
----quick intermission to this discussion----

A tour is starting for these cables!
I split the tour info into the tour area to follow those developments here: (

This thread can remain a discussion about Dave's cables.

----intermission is over-----
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 22, 2013, 08:17:39 PM
Here's a prototype D1 XLR cable. Launche and pfarthings (from AC) are going to give it a try  :thumb:

It uses Furutech FP-701M and FP-702F gold plated XLR connectors. They are very robust connectors with a metal body and spring-type strain reliefs. The 22 gauge Neotech EC-UPOCC wires are braided with 18 gauge mil spec ground wires. This cable takes a bit more time, effort and money to build, but price will definitely be under $200.

( (

( (

( (

( (

( (
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 22, 2013, 08:19:53 PM
Thought I'd post this from the tour thread:

I have detailed pricing on the 14 gauge wire and speaker cable now.

The 14 gauge wire will sell for $8.59/ft.

I am going to make it available in bulk as well as finished speaker cable so people can use it for internal speaker wiring, crossovers, hook up wire inside amps, etc.

One caveat is that tinning the ends will require a solder pot, but a high wattage soldering iron with a large tip may work as well.

I will have an introductory price on speaker cable, the deal will be you get a finished set of speaker cables for the price of parts!

So an 8' set of SCs costs $275 without connectors. The connector prices are listed below, I can also do half spades and half bananas of course.

The "FP" and "FT" type connectors come with either Gold or Rhodium plating, prices are listed for both in G/R format.

Add $96/$172 for Furutech FP-200B(G/R) Bananas
Add $290/350 for Furutech FT-212(G/R) Bananas
Add $900 for Furutech CF-202(R) Bananas

Add $140/180 for Furutech FP-201(G/R) Spades
Add $250/280 for Furutech FT-211(G/R) Spades
Add $725 for Furutech CF-201(R) Spades

I think the best bang for your buck is with the FP-201(G) spades, an 8 foot set would cost $415. With half FP spades and half FP bananas the price would be $393.

In the future I do plan on actually charging for cable construction, but for now I would like to get as many cables out there as I can   :thumb:
Title: Re: Dave's IC's
Post by: DaveC on July 23, 2013, 06:32:57 PM
DHL was a couple days late, and my tracking info said my package was in Tokyo yesterday, but I called and it was sitting at the local delivery dock... not being delivered.

But I got it today!  :D

The wire is made of 1060 strands of 44 gauge UPOCC copper, enamel insulated and braided around a thin/flat film core. Pretty cool!

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