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Fritz Carrera BE vs Reference 3A De Capo MM BE


sonic impressions between the two speakers?

Nick B:
I wish I could comment on the Ref 3As, but havenít heard them. I do own the little dynamo Carreras, and itís a heck of a performer. Itís my first experience with a beryllium tweeter and itís wonderfully resolving, yet non fatiguing. The Carreras are natural, musical, engaging etc etc. Presents a wide soundstage with good depth. As I have an ďacoustically challengedĒ listening room, Iím quite sure I could get more depth with room treatments and a more suited room. The bass response is quite sufficient/excellent, but I just donít listen to music with deep bass.

Have you heard either or both?

  As a Fritz Dealer I would say the Carrera is more natural. Not over detailed or bright. The Carrera bass is an over achievement in room. The Carrera is our choice. Give it some power 100W either tubes or SS a winner. The Qln Prestige 1 beats it however over 6K.



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