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S Clark:
I spent a few days up in the mountains of NM in the town of Red River.  While walking about town, I saw that Michael Murphy was playing a dinner concert for the next few days. At only $50 per ticket, we signed up.  BBQ and progressive western all in one.   It was on his ranch and he sang and told stories to about 200  of us.   
Ok, I'm not a country western fan, but much of his music has always been interesting and melodic, and this was no different.  He plugged a movie version of the hit "Wildfire" is in production with Wes Studi as a draw. 
So I'm listening to the first LP that I have that's written by him... which is Kenny Rogers and the First Edition  "The Ballad of Calico"..

Geez. That must have been a treat.

I owned Blue Sky - Night Thunder a few decades ago, and really enjoyed listening to it. I can still hear "Wildfire" in my head. I'm getting old.... :shock:

Those intimate performances can often transcend genre preferences or even make a meh-to-na band very enjoyable. The constraints sometimes can make them magical. For instance I happened to see a band called Dark Dark Dark in a friends yard. They were afraid of pissing off the neighbors so they sang quietly and it was one of the best performance of music ever. After I went to a couple live normal volume shows and I just walked away.


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