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Herbie Hancock with Vinnie Colaiuta in SD!

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Was able to get last minute tickets on StubHub and saw his show last Tuesday!  I think the so-cal dates were the last ones before the tour heads to Europe in October.

Amazing, amazing multi-talented band.

The treat for me, aside from finally seeing Herbie Hancock, was hearing Vinne Colaiuta. The man has amazing chops and can play anything.  An extra surprise was the other keyboardist, Grammy nominee,Terrence Martin Another multi-intsrumentalist who can play the sax, keyboards, percussion, and can sing as well.

The venue was only around 70% full and we were in the last row. But the venue was small enough. Sound wasn't as clear, as it was an open air venue.

The encore was a call-and-response version of Cantaloupe Island, where he invited the audience to sing along.  Herbie even played his keytar and was playing snippets from 'Rock It'!!

Took some pics. The grand piano in the last pic, a Fazioli, has 4 pedals!

Bob in St. Louis:
"Back in the day"... I blew a couple speakers to "Rock it".
That was one of my first albums.
Looks like a fun show!

Hi Bob!

'Rock it' was a trip! I remember when he performed that on the Grammy's with those robotic break dancers. I didn't know back then that Herbie Hancock was a serious artist, I only know that it 'rocked.'

He hasn't stopped experimenting. He had vocoders on stage as he sang (the other keyboardist had one, too). The guitarist also used some vocal effects as he sang. In Harbie's words, "we were going to hear  weird music" .

Definitely some cutting-edge, avante garde jazz that night!

Bob in St. Louis:
Cutting edge and weird are definitely two ways I'd describe him and his music. Rockit came out in '84. Just before M-Tv came out (if I remember correctly). But his video played many times over the TV in my room on that channel. I was 14 back then.
This video is my childhood. Maybe that's why I like such odd instrumental music to this day?

Now that I look back, "Art of Noise" was right there in the odd/new/cutting edge scale as what Herbie was doing?
Also from 1984:

Art of Noise? I remember them from Max Headroom. Anyone remember that show?

Seemed futuristic at the time but very dated now.


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