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What are your favorite themes from Motion Pictures?

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S Clark:
We've all listened to hundreds, thousands, or more of music from movies.  If you had to narrow the list to 5 or 6, which would they be??  I was just listening to one of my favorites and thought I'd ask.  I took a look at an internet list and found all of mine but one on it.   I'll put mine up after a few others chime in... don't want to influence.

The Last of the Mohicans

Nick B:
Interesting topic, but Iím kinda drawing a blank. Can think of lots of great movies, but not soundtracks right now. Itís been years since Iíve seen these movies, but maybe.2001 A Space Odyssey and Ben HurÖ

James Edward:
A few come to mind right away:

Last Of The Mohicans
Team America World Police (definitely comedic, but nonetheless...)
Rabbit Proof Fence

S Clark:
Just for the music, and not nostalgia for the movie:

Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission
Aria from La Wally-  Diva
Out of Africa Theme
Chinatown Theme
Exodus Theme
Last Tango in Paris

And then sooo many that bring visions from the movies.... Last of the Mohicans, Lawrence of Arabia, Schindler's List, 2001, The Godfather .............


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