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and I wonder if they could possibly be any good?,scm-url:1007.13339.274681.0,pvid:3a77f348-cd2a-4775-9462-29d795fb8f00,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238108%231977&pdp_ext_f=%7B%22sku_id%22%3A%2212000022798730205%22%2C%22sceneId%22%3A%223339%22%7D&pdp_npi=2%40dis%21USD%21%21974.25%21%21%21%21%21%402103239d16582702916727951e2de7%2112000022798730205%21rec

Then I stop to think:  why not?   :D

Hey , the full list price on those is $1299 which puts then in the same general area as KEF LS_50s the it is possible that they could be good. Are they, well that is a whole other story. (There are plenty of speaker that sell in the same price range as LS-50s that are not as good as the KEFs)

How about these from the same company?

Can you say B&W knockoffs?,scm-url:1007.13339.274681.0,pvid:40efaba8-9dec-442b-a34e-7756419a28dd,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238116%232002&pdp_ext_f=%7B%22sku_id%22%3A%2212000023430498841%22%2C%22sceneId%22%3A%223339%22%7D&pdp_npi=2%40dis%21USD%21%212264.08%21%21%21%21%21%402103222416582751674846675e7072%2112000023430498841%21rec

James Edward:
Maybe- but look closely at the net weight and gross weight- gross is 60 kg- 132 pounds. Net is 44 kg- 97 pounds.
Height is 22.5” x 10.6” wide. Weight vs size just doesn’t seem right.
Then there’s the $713.00 shipping on a $975.00 speaker pair. So they’re really $1688.00 a pair. I smell a rat.
Maybe I’m just too skeptical, and maybe the specs are just mistaken. Be careful Dave.

And the two biggest risks are A) I doubt you will find anywhere in the lower 48 where you can audition them, so you will have no idea at all what they sound like until after you pay for them and B) Although it says you have a 75 day money back guarantee it does not say free return shipping, so in order to get a $975 refund you will need to spend $713 so ship them back to China.  :shock:

.... if you can even get them back to China for $713. I have a friend who bought a DAC directly from China . He paid $100 with $20 shipping. When it arrived it was completely dead. He contacted the Chinese company and they said the only way they would issue him a refund was if he shipped the dead unit back to them. He took it to the same carrier that shipped it to him and they wanted $130 to ship it back. he was told the $20 to get it to him was a special rate negotiated with the factory that was not available to the general public. So it was going to cost him $130 shipping to get a $100 refund.  :duh

Luckily he paid for it on an AMEX card so he filed a claim with them and they reversed the charges on his card becasue it was DOA. But if he paid another way he might have been SOL.

Don't get me wrong.  I would not consider the gamble.  It is just my natural curiosity as to whether they sound good or suck.  My gut tells me the latter.  I thought Jordan 50mm modules would suck and I was way wrong.


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