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Anyone here NOT using a power conditioner?

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Can't say I've tried many but the ones I did try did nothing.

Is my electricity clean or maybe I just cant hear.
I do have a dedicated 15 amp line so maybe that helps.

I'm using all TWL cables. One plugged directly into the wall feeding a PS audio juice bar

S Clark:
I don't use one.  Danny Richie brought one of Dave's early ones by years ago, and I couldn't hear a difference (Danny could).  But much of my stuff is run on batteries.  I live in the country, and I'm the only one on my transformer.  ... and I don't hear anything above 5KHz

Nick B:
I use Daveís UberBUSS and, for me, itís a must have product. I live in a city of 80,000 and 180,000 in the county and thereís lots of noise on the power lines. My hearing is quite good.

James Edward:
None here- I plug the integrated directly into the wall, and use this for everything else- it has no fuse, circuit breaker, light or switch. https://www.basilaudio.com/products/nana-wiremold-l10320-power-strip/
Itís also overpriced, but relatively speaking in the audio world, I wonít complain.
I use Shunyata PCís on my equipment, FWIW.
I tried a power conditioner once, but the conditioner itself emitted a high pitched sound that I could not abide. I was told I most likely have DC on the line causing the whine. Truthfully I never pursued it to see if that was the case. It seems fine as is, though I do unplug and freak during thunderstorms.

well, obviously am.  Stripping the noise that you don't think is riding on your power is essential to great sonics. It is like washng the windows and then taking the glass out entirely between you and the music.

We get 'used to' listening through the grunge thinking it is normal.  With total return on my products of ~ 0.3%, my customers obviously found the same thing.



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