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I was thing of "upgrading" speakers. Currently, i have joseph audio rm7si sig 2's. do you think joseph audio pulsar 2 graphenes or Fritz Carrera BE's would provide a significant change or are these sort of speaker swaps generally not worth it in your experience and more of a "lateral" move (slight improvements in detail resolution or bass response aside)? Auditioning is not an option. Thanks

James Edward:
Hi and welcome aboard. Joseph speakers are great- so an upgrade may or may not send you to audio nirvana.
I donít know what youíre looking to change, but it seems that by published specs, the Fritz would give you a little more bass than the Joseph speakers.
On this, and and many other forums, there are grizzled veterans that will tell you that many an Ďupgradeí did not produce their imagined results. Iím pretty sure that with the speakers you mentioned, there would not be a night/day difference from what you have currently.
When you say auditioning  is not an option, I guess you mean going to a store and listening; Iím pretty sure Fritz offers an in-home trial. The speakers are on the smaller side, so the return shipping would not be exorbitant.
Good luck with your quest.

In as much as they are two very different designs they may sound quite different from one another.
If you are acclimated to the Fritz loudspeakers the change in sound the Joseph brings may not be that welcome.
 I wouldn't sell the Fritz speakers to finance the Josephs without having a shoot out between the two of them in my own home.

You shouls try contacting Fritz for an in home demo. We demoed them years ago at my house but honestly can not remember if they were on loan or someone purchased them

Here is a link on what some said about the Fritz Carbon 7. You have to read through because it was mostly about the Lenehan speakers


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