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We just got home from a trip to visit Danny Richie, Hobbs, Christy et al in Teaxas.  We had a wonderful time.  Danny and Christy are great friends and hosts.

The reason for the trip is to begin a transition of the manufacture of The BUSS-Line to GR.  That is not the reason for this post.

Danny and I spent a day in his make-do listening room.  I have to say that I have never had as much fun in audio or experienced as a total immersive audio experience in my life.

You can see his room/system here:

The system is nothing short of stunning and awe-inspiring!

Equipment list consisted of:

Folsom modified Folsom 7293 chip amps ( with HUGE ) power supplies.  They are insanely good.  Good job, Jeremy!

Speaker cables and power cables are proprietary GR designs.

Interconnects:  no idea.

A Dodd Audio preamp... damn I miss you, Gary!

A Mac mini (2012 : 16GB RAM : 500G SSD the runs on dB Audio Labs proprietary software designed by my friend Darrell McCombs. This combo is what I use, too..  only this one runs on battery power

An OWC hard drive.

DAC is the Dodd Audio DAZc that Gary, Rich Hollis and I all developed.  Runs Redbook and hi-rez

Everything is FireWire connected.  More on this later.

Speakers are NXtremes and dual 3 driver servo subs driven with  Rythmik Audio A370PEQ amplifiers

Cabling is GR Research

I have never, ever heard a presentation with the dynamic impact, depth, faithfulness to timbre and overall musicality that lives in that system.

I was floored. 

Then the fun started.  More, later!  :thumb:

So I guess the YouTube reviewers are in for a nice treat


--- Quote from: ejk on March 05, 2022, 12:26:13 AM ---So I guess the YouTube reviewers are in for a nice treat

--- End quote ---
Vinyl Attack Chris is there today...

It will be interesting to see what Chris has to say.  I lie Chris' way of going about things and think that he is above all else, a gentleman. 

Tell Danny you want a pair of the amps  :thumb:


--- Quote from: Folsom on March 07, 2022, 12:06:22 PM ---Tell Danny you want a pair of the amps  :thumb:

--- End quote ---
I do.  They would be a nice addition to the amp farm (8 when counting mono blocks as 1) I have here.  I'm running a pair of your 7297 giant killers in a vertical bi-wire arrangement on my 96dB speakers.  With the choke traps the watts got more muscular.  :thumb:  Great sounding amps for high sensitivity speakers and old ears.  You done good!


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