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Anyone familiar with this brand? They make a model 6T that looks interesting. Like to hear your thoughts is you have heard them or know about them.

I jonesed for a pair of 10T for some time but could never find them when I could get them.
Friend has 20T to this day that are phenomenal. If your anywhere near NC they have 6T in Raleigh.
Brand has been around for quite some time and is known for quality. While the 6T do have
pretty good mid and upper, There is just so much air two 5 1/2"s can push. The sound can get down
pretty well but it's not something your going to feel in your bones (ymmv).


In its day, the 10T were a very highly regarded and fairly expensive speaker (about $7k retail?).  I believe they were S'phile Class A.  Past few years I've seen tremendous used deals on them in the $1500 to $2000 range.  Even one cosmetically challenged pair listed for $875 that sold in one day!  Check the sold / expired history on HifiShark

The two founders were both Engineers from ADS.  Have been around over 20 years in the Greater Boston area.  If you were a fan of ADS speakers then Aerial speakers will be right up you alley. Haven't really been any new models in years.

I would be using the speakers with a subwoofer so I don't need earth shaking bass.


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