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PS Audio P15 Regenerator Noise

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I am getting a clacking noise from my P15 Regenerator intermittently that concerns me. It is a clacking noise when music is playing and even when not.
I bought unit 2 years ago brand new. Only started hearing about 6-7 months ago.
When I first  called PS Audio, this past November, I was told it might be the relay switch. It was agreed that perhaps a dedicated line might help.
I had dedicated line installed with upgraded outlets. Clacking noise continues.
Sometimes the noise is louder than at other times.
Called PS Audio a week ago and left three messages. No return call after a week.
Called again on Monday. Salesman said it is normal for the P15 Regenerator to make this relay switching noise. Said his P15 does the same thing.
Not sure if I believe this. My P5 never had this issue.
Have anyone else here had such experience? Does this even sound right for a power plant to make such a noise?

Quad 2805
Music Reference MKII Tube Amp
Lumin D1 Streamer w/ external PS
REL S3 Sub

I never heard any noise when listening at someone else's place.

You can hear it from listening position?

Yes, I can hear it from my listening position 12’ away. I listen at moderate levels and it very distinct.
Again I never heard this from my P5 regenerator.

Correction my previous power plant was the P3 not the P5.

Nick B:
I just did an internet search and couldn’t find anything on this problem. I can’t believe it is normal to hear this noise from 12’ away. Would you be able to buy a new  relay switch and install it yourself or have someone do it?


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