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2019 Taipei Audio & Art Fair

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Nick B:

--- Quote from: Jack on December 14, 2019, 04:41:07 PM ---Nick

It translated for me using Chrome.

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Thanks, Jack. I forgot about that simple solution.

Guy 13:

--- Quote from: mresseguie on December 14, 2019, 05:30:58 PM ---Guy,

Don't despair - my master scheduler may still be persuaded into a trip to Vietnam in January or February.  :thumb: Geez. We're almost neighbors.

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Hi mressequie,
please tell your '' master scheduler '' that in February there are lots of things going here on planet Vietnam.
Vietnamese Lunar New Year, our 25th wedding anniversary, my birthday,
however, that doesn't mean I will not have time for you and your wife,
nothing would make me more happy to meet someone that has so much in common with me :
Asian wife, Asian location and music equipment.

Guy 13

I'll attend this Audio & Art Show tomorrow afternoon. I'll have about 5 hours to ooh and aah before I leave for an engagement.

An AC friend has asked me to inquire about pricing on NeoTech items: NeoTech NEI 1001 / 1002 (3m speaker cables) and 3 pairs of NEI 1002 Interconnects (1 or 1.5 meter RCA cables).

Let me know if there's anything else that you're curious about, and I will look for it. If you want photos of the art stuff, you're welcome to hop on a flight to Taipei.  :thumb:


Pictures and opinions, pictures and opinions!


This link takes you to LuKang Audio's speakers. These speakers will be in a room. The tweeter is a 3/4" Hiquphon OW4; woofer is Audio Technology 230mm or 200mm customized drivers. With AT woofers, one might expect great sounding speakers, no? The cabinets are very thin and unbraced. The man who demonstrates them hawks them exactly as a carnival barker might use his voice (and tactics) to persuade potential victims customers to hurry up and lay down their money to buy white van speakers. I've watched him demo his speakers 4 times over the years, and I've never understood why he chooses to use this tactic to sell speakers. I got to see his crossovers last year, and <even though I'm a XO noob> could see that he uses cheap components.


I really like these speakers. I know a guy who owns their 12" woofer Neo-Classical floor-standers, and they are fantastic and non-fatiguing. I may someday own a pair if I can con...persuade my wife that they will complement the decor.  :duh The website doesn't seem to like Chrome. You can toggle for English, but there's more information in Mandarin. [I know. That doesn't help you.]


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