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Year 2020 home theater.

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Guy 13:
Hi all.
Next year when we will be in Canada,
we will buy a new TV  and DVD or BluRay
(Here on planet Vietnam we have four TV sets
three LG cathode tube and one Sony 32'' flat screen.
Unfortunately they are all PAL system, so, not compatible with NTSC)
The same goes for the three DVD players.
Sooo... After some research on the Internet I am looking at a Sony
or Panasonic (The later is much more expensive) between 43 to 55''
compatible with the Internet.
I think they call it a 4K Smart TV ?
I'm a long time Sony user, not only for TV.
For the DVD I was looking at Panasonic Zone free unit,
because we have hundreds of DVD
but the reviews don't look good at Panasonic, Sony and many other brands.
Many units will show a display saying it's not the right zone
or something like that ? ? ?
In addition, looking at the specs and features, the BluRay players
have more opinions and connections.
I don't own any BR disc, but a BluRay player can play DVD.
One feature that I must have is a usb key input to play my usb music.
We already have a Pioneer receiver (Old one, but still good)
and I am looking at stereo two channels (Not 5.1 or 7.1)
I have two GR Research speakers.
Of course with new TV I will have to use my Arcam DAC for the digital sound
from the tv to the receiver.
Looking for suggestions.
My budget is 1,500 CND $ for TV and DVD or BR.

Guy 13

S Clark:
So...  you are asking for TV and zone free disc player recommendations under 1500 CND, USB required ???

Couldn't you just buy a player in Vietnam, then buy a second player when you get to Canada?

S Clark:
Actually, when I look at it, all of that stuff together isn't worth $100 USD, so it's not worth moving.  Cathode TV's have negative value, and a used DVD player is worth maybe $10.  A used 32" flat screen is worth about $40 tops. Give to your wife's family if they'll have it.
Just bring your DVD's and buy a new flat screen and player after you get to Canada.  Keep the stereo gear, except the V-1 cabinets. 

Guy 13:

--- Quote from: S Clark on October 11, 2019, 07:30:44 AM ---So...  you are asking for TV and zone free disc player recommendations under 1500 CND, USB required ???

--- End quote ---

yes, that's exactly what I am asking for.
Recommendations, so I can see if what I looking at makes sense.

Guy 13


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