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WHY and What are you Listening to?

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S Clark:
The standard "What are you Listening to? threads don't tell us enough.  It needs to be What and Why to give value. 

Why do I listen to Erik Satie?  Because he puts my soul at rest.  There are so many versions since every one above beginner status can hit the notes... so discover you own favorites. 
A YouTube introductions is:

My favorite performer is Aldo Ciccolini.  He did a library of Satie's work for Columbia and EMI/Pathe Marconi that are available and affordable. 

Nick B:
Thanks.  I do kind of get in a rut and listen to the same stuff. Time for me to explore a bit.

S Clark:
"Gaspard de la Nuit" by Maurice Ravel on Deutsche Grammophone  2530 540
The artist is Martha Argerich and the piece is one of the most difficult in the entire catalogue of piano pieces.  It shimmers, it pounds, it takes flight in unexpected ways that grabs your attention.  AND it's an excellent pressing and recording... the upper range sparkles and the low end has real weight.
First movement-

S Clark:
My Fatherland (Ma Vlast)  by Smetana conducted by Vaclav Neumann and the Leipzig Gevandhaus Orchestra on London vinyl 
A two record box CSA 2222.  Recorded in 1968. 
Why, because I just picked it up today, NM,  and I find these older London LP's have excellent sound. Just when RCA and Columbia were in decline, London/Decca kept high standards. 
This double album has all six tone poems of the complete work. This is one of the great warhorses of the Nationalistic movement written in the late 1870's.  If you don't have a copy find both the poems Ma Vlast and the Moldau on whatever streamer/Youtube you have available.  If you can't find a copy, I'll look through my collection and find an extra to send you.  Every classical lover needs this work. 

Guy 13:

Hi all.
I already mentionned that I am not a big fan of vocal singer (male or female)
but yesterday I saw on You Tube a video of Elvis Presley.
I love his song and voice, so smooth...
Even in the song : Jailhouse Rock.
he doesn't shout - screem.

Guy 13


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