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Pop/Rock superstar Prince Rogers Nelson dead at 57. He was hospitalized after an emergency landing of his jet in IL a few days ago, they say it was flu like symptoms he had been fighting flu for a few weeks.  He played a gig the next day. Today emergency call to his home. Time will tell the cause. Lots of cancelled gigs last month due to illness.

I just started dating my wife when Little Red Corvette came out, summer 1983. She gave me a LP copy of his second album Paisley something or other, still have it.

Edit: Rogers, not Roger

Edit: TMZ: "Not flu.... "

Edit: TMZ: "...opiate overdose..."


  Funk personified. He will be missed. Just played Purple Rain LP in his honor. Still dancing.


Yesterday we lost Al Jarreau at the age of 76.  Sad

and don't forget Barbara Carroll

... and now Gregg Allman.  :(


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