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Decware Announces the Decware Zen Ultra - A Six Channel Pre-Amp

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As one who has recently been interested in upgrading my little home theater, this announcement by Decware caught my eye.  Decware recently announced the Decware Zen Ultra - "a six channel all tube pre-amplifier that has been designed for the audiophile who wants both home theater and serious two channel at the same time".

Since the announcement (early April), production has been delayed initally 30 days due to a problem with painting the chassis so it is possible that production might resume soon.

Additional details and the Owner's Manual can be found here. 

The entire website is slick looking and whoever writes the copy, possibly Steve Deckert himself, is very good at drawing the reader in.  Of course marketing is one thing but delivery a good product is something else entirely but there have been some good reviews of his products, both professionally and from users.

This new pre-amp seems different from the other 6-channels offers from CJ, Parasound, McCormack, and others.  You can read the extensive product description yourself but here is a brief summary of its designer’s claims:  Full on home theater, pure two-channel, mixed three-channel "stereo," up mixing and down mixing, individualized volume adjustments, plus master volume, center/sub alignment, bi-amp/tri-amp.

Oh yeah, Lifetime Warranty and 30-day in-home trial.  $2,995.00


Goes with the matching amp:

Somehow they remind me of Cake Boss.  :-k

I bet they sound as good as they taste look.   :thumb:

It is a great idea. No "HT bypass" needed!

Wow, these sure do look sweet. Certainly make me rethink the concept of industrial looking rack mount gear.  #-o


--- Quote from: richidoo on May 06, 2011, 07:14:06 PM ---

Goes with the matching amp:

Somehow they remind me of Cake Boss.  :-k

I bet they sound as good as they taste look.   :thumb:

It is a great idea. No "HT bypass" needed!

--- End quote ---

The two-channel Zen Torii certainly does match.  At 25-watts, it certainly has enough power, at least with more efficient speakers, for at least two channel audio.

I'd like to ask at least one of you more knowledgeable guys to read through the product page referenced above.  I'd like to read your thoughts. This pre seems to be an all-round gymnast when it comes to pre-amps.

I think it looks damn good. Choke regulation, tube rectified, tube regulated, 12 inputs, 12 outputs, switches 4 stereo sources AND a 5.1 source, mixing abilities for HT channels, can be used to control level and switch sources for active triamped speakers, uses my favorite signal tube 6922, or 6N1P (yuk.) High output impedance requires an amp with >20kOhm input impedance, you have to listen to it to make sure it has good bass slam with your amp. The only thing lacking (for me) is a remote control volume.

The website link to more details on usage possibilities is dead, as is the link to the owner's manual. I'd be curious to learn the various switching and mixing abilities, also to see closeup pictures of the knobs and their labels.  Very interesting preamp!! Dan Banquer (RE Designs) used to offer a 6 channel analog preamp, not sure how many were built. Parasound makes a 6 channel analog preamp also, reviewed in stereophile. Both of those are solid state.

Normally I'd caution that the site looks too good to be true, but they've been around a long time, and Lin (opnly bafld) says they're OK.  :thumb:

Are you thinking about snagging one for yourself mac?


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