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Musica Bella SP/AV-2 speakers - Last pair - selling as a KIT
« on: January 25, 2007, 02:37:48 PM »
I have one last pair of Musica Bella SP-AV 2 speakers that I will let go unfinished in "kit" form. The cabinets are complete and assembled with no finish on the front baffle (I would highly recommend truck bed liner available in a spray can) for this.
 You could finish the speakers with wood venner, vinyl veneer, wrap around grill or textured finish all around.

 For all you talented DIY'ers here....................well, you get the idea.
 What's included:

-- One pair complete bare MDF cabinets
-- All 4 mid/bass Peerless nomex drivers
-- one pair of tweeters with full "Waveguide Compensation" circuitry already installed and mounted on custom mounting board.
-- One pair Musica Bella x-overs already assembled (mounted on 1/2" black walnut)
-- Biamp aluminum terminal plate with high quality gold plated binding post.
-- 2 one pound bags of Acousta Stuff

  What you will need:

-- Finishing of your choice
-- Wiring of your choice
-- Internal damping material of your choice
-- A little bit of love

 Asking $1700 + shipping.
 Reg. $2850

By the way, the bass drivers have a countersunk cutout for a much cleaner look as can be seen in the pictures below.


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