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OK, WTF am I doing wrong

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I tried to do this a while back and just tried again with miserable consequences.
I have my television hooked up to the preamp via rca analog outputs. I want to improve the sound and have been told that going to an external DAC via the toslink would be a superior change. Problem is I can't figure out why when using the toslink out of the Bravia model KDL 52W5100 to the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC all I get sounds like a helicopter. I've gone through every setting for the Sony and there isn't one addressing the Toslink output. Anybody got an idea on how I'm screwing this up?


Have you tried the different output types in the audio settings menu?

I am listening to my Sony KD-85X85J through an Auralic Vega via glass Toslink with no problems.
Do you have any display indicating that you have a signal lock at 48 KHz. Some TVs toslink output is poorly clocked which means that there maybe an unacceptable amount jitter in the signal. Many DACs will not lock on to a signal  if the jitter exceeds a certain threshold. If this is the problem, then re-clocking the toslink signal
before it gets to your DAC might be a solution.

Check in the TV to make sure that it is outputting a 2.0 stereo signal and not sending some kind of suround sound signal out of the digital port

James Edward:
If you are using a cable box or satellite receiver, check those menu settings- the digital out might be turned off in one of the menu settings. If nothing is going to the TV, it might make the sound you describe.
I found this, though you may have already been this route.
Id check the box though; it may not default to digital out, or it may need to be selected in some way. And, as Tom said, make sure its set to PCM, or stereo, or 2- channel- I believe the MF would look at a multichannel signal and say WTF.
Good luck.


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