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Anyone here NOT using a power conditioner?

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I've been with and without and that's why Dave's got so much of my hard earned cash.



--- Quote from: dflee on April 20, 2022, 05:59:12 PM ---I've been with and without and that's why Dave's got so much of my hard earned cash.


--- End quote ---
Thanks, Don.  The kudos are greatly appreciated!

You learned 😁

No Uberbuss for me, mostly because of a lack of rack space (seeing as how my system is now in the living room I have to keep it contained and looking tidy). But I do have to say they the Digibuss did wonders for my digital front end. Definitely one of those things that you will not get away from me without prying it from my cold dead hands.  :thumb:

Emil you are close enough to me that we could set up a play date if you want to hear what mine would sound like in your system.

Barry (NJ):
I use one for everything but my main L&R channel amplifiers. My system sounds more dynamic when the amps are plugged directly into the wall, a dedicated 15 amp circuit with a single unbroken run of 12 gauge all the way to the main box. My main reason for the conditioner is that I need the extra outlets, I have 8 various components plugged into my "conditioner". I do feel it's nice, that when there is a power outage, the unit does not return power to the components until I reactivate it, so there is no bouncing on and off during the cycles the power company sometimes goes through when they bring power back up...

2022-04-22_10-54-08 by Barry, on Flickr

  We have found the best solution for power. Use several dedicated lines. One for digital two for amps and one for analog. Condition each line. Expensive yes. Worth it yes IOHO.



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