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I've had a blow out

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doug s.:
don, robin's ebay link would be plug-n-play for the driver, even if that particular config might look funny w/the one edge of the frame sliced off.  my meret re's, currently in my kitchen system, use these drivers, and one failed years ago; i was fortunate enough to find legacy audio used the exact same driver in some of their models.  except its cone is yellow, not dark gray.  i could live w/that.  i bought a pair and only installed one, but it's not f/s, because you never know. ;)

i suspect your speakers are very nice; the eton driver is excellent, imo.  i'd keep an eye peeled for a replacement, if you don't like the non-round frame that robin linked.  and, i'd not hesitate if you found one used.  your other good driver is used, right?  you might want to query legacy audio; i doubt they still have any of these drivers, but they may have some suggestions.

even if you get new speakers, i suspect yours are worth resurrecting.

doug s.


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