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Best current places to sell gear / old inventory?

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Hey all!

Incredibly looooong time no talk. 

Way too much real life, medical issues, etc. that have kept me away from the hobby and even my audio business.

Iíll spare yíall the truly mind boggling crazy story of the last few years as no one would believe the craziness we have had to live through.

I now have a basement floor covered with boxes of audio gear from the storage that I havenít seen in a while.  When Iím physically able, Iím verrrry slowly going through it all and taking some new pictures, documenting all that is still here, what has to be sold, etc.  i need to clear this stuff out of here finally. 

Since I have been away for so long, Iím curious what has changed in the industry, where the current best places are to advertise and sell this gear?  is audiogon still the best spot / de facto standard?   Is stuff more frequently sold on eBay?  Are there any new, good popular sites that people are using?

Curious to hear thoughts from everyone.  Thanks in advance.

Audiogon has increased their prices but you'll still get the most views

US Audiomart is free and growing

Thanks for the reply!  Appreciate it.  Iíve used the USA audio mart before.  It didnít get the views and customer base of audiogon.  But Iíll run listings there too when I put up the stuff.  Thanks again.

Iíve had success on Audiocircle also. No charges.

Don P

I always try the free sites first:  USAM, AC, AA.

If stuff doesn't sell after much time, AG as a last resort.


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