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Couldn't log in and got tired of trying so I gave up for some years! Then on a wing and a prayer, started all over again. So howdy's been a log time and a lot of audio nervosa has come and gone. Good to see some familiar names. I wouldn't bore you (yet) with whatever strange and wonderful music machines I listen with...other than I did go over to the archane side and got immersed in the wonderful world of NOS tubes (Russian mainly). The only other thing of real interested was a joint effort with a neighbor making ourselves sets of cables from the delightful Deuland folks. I have no desire ever to go down that rabit hole again. For a pittance we made world class cables. Done and dusted.

Nick B:
Hello and welcome back to AN  :thumb:  What was your recipe for the cables?

dead simple: lightly  twisted then in a plain cotton sleave; used a bare wire termination for speakers and good quality rca connectors from Audiophonics (a French on-line store) for interconnects. I learned about Deuland wire from Jeff at "Jeff's place". We tried different guages and I settled on 16 all around. I previously had uber expensive Sablon Audio interconnects (indeed still have them) and the Deuland were way better in my system. I think all told I spent 100 $. I want to try their wire for power cords next.

Nick B:
Thanks, will be curious about the power cords as well


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