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45 vinyl giveaway!?

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Barry (NJ):

--- Quote from: goldlizsts on January 17, 2022, 05:18:15 PM ---Hey Barry,

I want my vinyl 45's back (Kidding!).  Vinyl sale is on top!  Amazing! Would you believe?  Nah, I still gotta save storage space in my apt, so those oldies are in good hands.  IF anyone will even be reading this.   :duh :rofl: :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Hi Shek, hope all's good by you!

I'm still alive, Barry, considering such harder times.  The only thing to do is try to be positive.  So... still hanging around.  Now it seems to be getting better, tho I still mask up on the outside.  Hope we'll have a rave hosted by some kind brave host, and will try to be there, seeing some friends..... Take care! :drool:


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